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Posted on 19-11-2008
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I am speechless- following video says it all, how cruel this entire business has become.




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Posted on 18-11-2008
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I just wanted to say this- what are we doing for the caged bears now today.

What actually moonbears.org is doing and what is the goal?

To make it simple, I think it is important to write this message.


1600 moonbears in Korea.
Cruelly farmed for their bile.
Terrible practice was actually originally encouraged by the Korean Government.0706402200
Farmers now claim livelyhood threatened if the practice is banned.
Seems strange for a so called modern and developed country and stands in..
great contrast to Gangnams office towers.
Inconsistent korea trying to take environments leadership globally but,
the government is not fixing a problem in its own backyard..
Moonbears.org’s mission is to have the government ban this practice and in doing so
compensate the farmers.
Then to get the remaining  bears into a special refuge to begin the long recovery.

so sad~ 



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Posted on 17-11-2008
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There has been a wide media release how unsafe to consume bear bile products in China.  However it goes same here in the Korean market.

Please read the following report from Animals Asia Foundation to learn about the untold truth.


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Posted on 16-11-2008
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flowerHello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog.   Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and ideas here with us.

I will post as many information as possible out there, of course about the farmed bears in Korea.

But I promise to keep up with bright colors so it won’t be too sad for you viewers.

Please do not hesitate to ask or suggest if you have different ideas.

Gina Moon Email: g.moon@moonbears.org

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