Thanks for your interest in International Campaign Unchained. We are four concerned individuals, located in Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, United States, and Australia, brought together by the terrible plight of Korea's moon bears highlighted in Mrs. G.Moon's original Bears in Korea article.

Despite world wide condemnation of the Korean government's bear farming policies, the daily torture of these beautiful creatures continues unabated. For this reason we seek your help to finally put a stop to the horror.

We recognize the huge task ahead of us, the logistic and cultural challenges are enormous. To help Korea's moon bears it is important that we take steps now to appropriatley identify the issues and address the requirements of a meaningful solution.

We are now seeking the international communities expertise and advice to assist us in identifying the best way forward as we formulate our plans to create and manage a sanctuary for the approximately 1,000 bears currently languishing in horrific conditions on farms across Korea.

In anticipation of the Korean government finding the political will to end the bear farming debacle, we seek your help to end the misery of Korea's moon bears.