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Save bears in Korea street campaign on 25 Sept 2012

Press Speech - has delivered 22,000 signatures today to the Blue House where the President lives. The save bears in Korea petition signatures have been collected from all over the world to urge Korean government to abolish the cruel practice to free all 1100 suffering moon bears into safe heaven of bear sanctuary~

Part 3: Farmed Bears turned White Elephant.
Episode length: 33.32 minutes
First aired on 25 May 2007.
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Part 3 explains how Korea's bear farming industry has turned into a white elephant and why there is no longer any justification for the cruel practice.

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Green Korea's anti bear farming video. (37mb)

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In contrast to the horror depicted in the above videos the BBC Natural History Unit has produced a series of videos showing Moon Bears in the wild. The videos can be accessed at Arkive.

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Asiatic black bear An Overview

Asiatic black bear Feeding on honey

Asiatic black bear Feeding on berries and leaves

Asiatic black bear Walking through woodland

The video below gives some insight into the history and issues associated with Korea's moon bears while highlighting the great work of Green Korea on the ground in South Korea.

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Green Korea campaigning in South Korea

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