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4647 Mrs. Anne-Marie Preller, Thailand
Bears deserve more from their motherland and from the human species. It is abhorrent to treat any living creatures in such a way and shows the country defiling these animals both ignorant and sub standard in today's international climate.

4639 Professor Jake Preston, South Korea
Dear President Lee Myung-bak
I implore you to follow the advice of this petition. Listen to your conscience and show the world that our beloved Korea is not a barbaric country. A government that fails to act on such matters as this ghastly trade in bears in the modern age is truly shameful and not acting in Korea's interest. I want the whole world to look on Korea with esteem and pride also. I believe you to be a man of progress and compassion, please stop the farming and trade of bear products

4623 Ms. M. Fung, Netherlands
Please stop the cruelties of these innocent beautiful threatened species before it's too late. This is an unnecessary and insane cruelty to these adorable Moon Bears. There are 100's of other alternatives to cure deceases. This is hypocrite and illegal. The Moon Bears deserve a life in freedom. Let the Moon bears live in peace and harmony, as you wish for your beloved ones.

4604 Ms. Claire Rostron, Australia
It's a disgrace to think that the government has not already done something about bear bile farming in China. It is a horrible thing and it is not needed as there are alternatives. So fix it up and make it fair for them as well as ourselves and your conscience.

4590 Mr. Jim Phillips, USA
The Korean government should ban all bear farming! Close bear farms and offer a compensation package to bear farmers.

4587 Ms. Heather Telford, Australia
The cruel practice of bear farming is unacceptable in today's world. It must end. Moon bears are a protected species. Future generation will not forgive those who fail to respect international law. Countries allowing bear farming in the 21st century will be remembered as uncivilized and out of step with the values of educated modern societies. Bear bile can be produced synthetically. Ignorance is no excuse. Cruelty is unforgivable.

4580 Mrs.Diane Mackenzie, Australia
What, if any, are the scientific benefits of the gall of these bears? What justification could there possibly for the torture of these animals. Governments should be educating people against this method of farming. People that buy this product should be treated in the same way as drug traffickers and put in jail. If people don't buy the product then these farmers are forced to consider alternatives and bears no longer suffer this inhumanity.

4541 Anonymous, Canada
As a former teacher in Korea, I know that the children are proud of the Moon Bear. It is unacceptable that they are being farmed. I expect more of the Korean government. Regulations need to be in place to stop such action.

4524 Mr. Robert William Hay, South Korea
This is a point of shame for South Korea in the eye's of the developed world.

4477 Mr. Paul Carter
I love bears in fact I love all animals. And we as humans should treat them with respect.

4457 Ms. Rebecca Bull, UK
Looking in a Bear's eyes, you can see their emotions. Animals deserve as much respect as people.

4453 Ms. Maryse Lapairy, France
I am Korean adoptee now living in France. I get back every year in my native country, and I am very shocked about these barbaric practices.

4452 Ms. Elise Riley, USA
I think Moon bears are really cool. I am a 2nd grader at Peter Hobart Elementary school and I just studied the Moon bear. I don't want the Moon bears to be hurt or go extinct. I learned that in 20 years, when I am 28, the Moon bear could be extinct.

4410 Jane Gibson Australia
Korea should get with the times and stop this outdated practice, it's sickening. It's the fault of the government for not educating the people about this debunked medical practice. The government could stop it if they wanted to. Here's hoping they do.

4390 Ms Alyse Carroll
This is terrible. I only heard of what was happening to Moon Bears today from my English teacher and I am absolutely horrified. I maybe young but I want to STOP this!!

4357 Susan Cho, USA
As a Korean- American and simply as a human being, I find this practice abhorrent, disgusting and immoral. Please make it stop.

4337 Kathleen Simmons, USA
The Korean government should be ashamed of itself for allowing this to go on as long as it has. In order for Americans to have a favorable view of the Korean people, this abuse of bears should cease immediately. I kindly ask that you close all bear farms and show the world that your government respects all life. The people of America will be watching for this change. Thank you.

4335 Kendell Lilly, USA
Wow. Everyone has to slaughter and eat animals or hang them on their wall. What is wrong with this cruel world. And this is coming from a 13 year old.`~(

4321 Ms. D Adair, Australia
Cruelty for dollars... it has to stop.

4320 Ms. Gaby Rai
What goes around comes around... we are all connected... animals, humans, nature... where we torture, maim, to brutalize without thought and for profit, we create a karma we cannot see, cannot know until we as a species will most certainly be judged.

4279 William Rogers, South Korea
I cannot believe people do this to these poor animals.

4276 Mrs. Jeanne Robertson, USA
All creatures are created from the same paternal heartbeat of God. Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not good enough. We have a higher mission- to be of service to them wherever they require it. If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellowmen.
St. Francis of Assisi

4263 Tiago Santos, Portugal
STOP BILE BEAR! Synthetic bear bile, Ursodeoxycholic Acid, is much more effective and much more cheaper!

4257 Ms. Krista Williams, Canada
I watched the documentary about saving moon bears last night. I think it's horrible how farmers treat these animals.... it's so cruel. I find what you are doing is very respectable, and it interests me so much that I am doing my grade12 English paper on this topic.

4255 Mr. Martin Rule
We will stop you however long it takes to bring this cruelty to an end.

4191 Ms. Josephine Mcevoy, Australia
This is heartbreaking, I think the most wonderful life for any non- domesticated animal would be to never set eyes on the human race. It makes me feel ashamed to be part of the human race. Re-education is the key not only of the controlling the bear farms but the people buying these products.

4177 Ms. Haley Cotton, USA
This is so incredibly sad! I remember seeing moon bears at the zoo when I was little and they're so sweet. I can't believe people could do such a cruel thing.

4163 Mr. Doug Thurston, Australia
I am not an animal activist but I have no problem signing anything that can help stop animal cruelty. Bear farming is animal torture.

4155 Mrs. Kelly Heilig
Please stop the torture and killing of these beautiful bears. God did not intend for us humans to treat these or any other animals in this manner. By harming these animals, you harm yourselves. This Earth can only tolerate so much damage and torture. Please pray for all the animals salvation. They only want to love us and we need to return the favor. Be a voice for those who don't have a voice.

4154 Mr. Girish A, India
Well, I will be ...! It's just shocking how cruel a seemingly nice country can be to it's fellow beings! Mark my words, unless it's checked soon, the cruelty will grow and breed till even humans won't be spared! Please listen to the voice of reason!

4148 Chandra Wark, USA
I have recently been assigned an Endangered Species project at Bridgewater state College. After research I choose to do this project on the Asiatic Black Bear, so others would know the endangerment these animals face, and the harsh punishments they are put up each day. The Moon Bear "Farming" for their liquid gold is absolutely appalling and I believe that it is completely unnecessary since there are supplements which are used with the same properties as the bile from these bears. This needs to stop!

4122 Zoe Rickert, Canada
Please end this horror and torment the moon bears every single day of their lives! Chinese practitioners who have practiced medicine for years & years all say the same thing.. " no bear bile was ever used " in creating cures that it is being used for today. We do not need it. Let these poor innocent bears go! Isn't 20 years of being caged in coffin- like cages enough suffering!? How many go insane (brain dead), chew off their own paws from the hell they face each day? End this TODAY.

4117 Candace Cultraro, USA
I continue to be sickened by the cruelty and selfishness that some Koreans have. Please stop the murders of bears. I will not go to Korea or buy anything from Korea until this has stopped. You do not need to do this, it is a shame for this to happen on a daily basis.

4089 Ms. Jan Beeton, South Africa
Why in our arrogance do we believe that creatures like this does not suffer and feel pain and distress? Human beings are slowly but surely destroying themselves and their world with these inhumane practices. An enlightened human being will cause no harm or suffering to any form of life on the planet. We need to educate and halt these practices. China is engaging doctors concerning traditional medicine to educate that bear bile is not needed. All the nutrients can be obtained from vitamins/herbs.

4066 Mrs. Carol Tuskan, USA
Asian government and the people are extremely cold hearted, uncompassionate, cruel with no respect for life. In ignorance, they thrive on traditions, myths and fallacies regarding unproven old time cures and health remedies, which involve brutality to living creatures. Stop causing suffering, pain and misery to innocent bears. The bear farms must be done away with and the bears put in sanctuaries. Bear farms are not acceptable. SHAME ON KOREA!

4040 Ms. Rhiannon Rook, Australia
There is no excuses for cruelty. Guaranteed everyone must earn a living, so create sanctuaries for the captive moonbears and the farmers can work there towards creating a positive cause. The main contributing reason for the conditions and illegal actions that are going on in the farms are due to the lack of concern from the Korean government.

4034 Ms. Cheryl Milloss, Australia
I appeal to the Korean government to stop the capture and retaining of bears into small cages and especially the cruel deaths of these lovely creatures and for such foolish superstitious reasons. I call on the Korean government to ban capture and keeping of bears and killing for such purposes. I call on the government to impose severe penalty for inhumane treatment of earth's creatures and to educate Korean people that such believes are not justified and cruelty should not be tolerated.

3971 Ms. Robyn Harvey, Australia
When are the despicable 'humans' responsible for this torture going to realize that these beautiful creatures feel pain, stress & fear. Many of the bears that are rescued are beyond the point of no return & are quite literally insane due to their treatment. This barbaric practice serves no purpose whatsoever & must be stopped. Oh pleeeeeease allow me to cage the perpetrators.

3947 Mrs. Genyflore Glorieux, Belgium
I fully support this petition. Bears should not be kept in cages and they should be treated according to their nature and kind.

3944 Krishna M, India
The Korean government should take action against animal abuse. Please stop bear farming.

3925 Mr. Dale Read, Canada
Cage the people and free the animals.

3922 Jacklyn Orza, Canada
I can't believe people are so cruel... This really bothers me. 20 years of pain!!! Are we honestly that evil....

3908 Susan Holmes
Again I read about the inhumane treatment of animals in Korea, now it is bears. Please stop this now, it is a disgrace. Please ensure Korea recognizes that animals have rights and there should be laws in place to protect them. If you fail here you will be recognized for your brutality towards animals. Dogs and cats in the markets is sickening and everybody is weeping for those animals who suffer sadistic violence towards them. It is heart breaking how anybody could be so cruel.

3882 Mrs. Bea Brinkly, Australia
Does Korea wish to be respected? Then stop the abuse of ALL Korean animals. They are sentient beings! They feel pain and horror like you and me. Stop the abuse.

3832 Ms. Mary Ann Ong
Cultures should change with time. It's cruel to kill the bears for it's gall bladder- similar to shark's fin. No animals should die for the sake of human delicacy!

3805 Ms. Karen Thomson, Portugal
When considering trade with other countries, this is one country that would be at the bottom of my list. Raise the intelligence.

3801 Anne-Laure Robin, France
Why so much cruelty... this has to stop! Man must stop using and abusing animals for money or pleasure or anything else. It's a shame for humanity. That's why I am vegan.

3800 Mr. Bryan Raymond, New Zealand
Eat good New Zealand meat, not bears.

3788 Mrs. Miriam Kenrick Canada
I am sadden to learn that Korean government and people allow the practice of bear farming. I am writing in hopes of encouraging you to stop the practice. We are measured by how we treat the weakest members of society and this is an embarrassment for the Korean people.

3786 Ms. April Schang, Australia
Stop this torture these beautiful animals. It makes me sick to my stomach to think anyone has the heart to do such a dreadful thing to such wonderful animals. It is unfair and absoulutely disgusting. The government isn't doing enough, they should enforce strict laws and go release the bears and put them in a protected area where they can't be harmed.

3759 Dawn Wilson, UK
Bear farming is cruel and unacceptable. I am surprised that Korea has not banned it already.

3742 Mr. Paul Boast, UK
I feel people are just being conned out of their money by these unscrupulous dealers who are supplying the bear bile to ignorant wholesalers who think it contains special properties etc. They don't care about the bears, just their profits, this has to stop now...... I do feel mercy for the ignorant people as they do not know what pain they are causing to these innocent animals. They have to be educated and taught how to respect all wild life. Korea should be responsible for educating people.

3727 Dr. Eric Busch, USA
I am involved in the fight to end Asian bear farming and the worldwide bear bile industries. I join with in opposition to this uncivilized, cruel practice. Once bear farming has been eradicated in Korea and the demand for bile is eliminated, Moon bears can be reintroduced into wild. They are many examples of successful programs in the United States. The resources and knowledge exist to put the bears back in their habitat. End bear farming.

3712 Mrs. Susanne Coyle, USA
Thank you for your efforts to combat one of the most urgent animal abuse industries. I have ever had the unfortunate knowledge to learn about. I am doing everything I can and will never give up on these bears.

3709 Ms. Muriel Martin, Reiser, France
People of the government of Korea, I wish you could put an end to the dramatic state where the bears are living in. I urge you to establish a system to release these beautiful creatures into the Jiri mountains. Let them be monitored and taken care by doctors and leave them with respect. Please do protect them by establishing a law that ban all products derived from bears. I thank you with the highest respect.

3690 Animal lover, South Korea
It's still going on despite the uproar. Now South Korea (Yeosu) has won the International Expo for 2012. Why should this country but cruelty rewarded with such a thing when the barbarity continues? The secret is getting out through Korea, the world is learning about your cruelty to animals.

3685 Ms. Tesa H
I'm infuriated: The Asian Moon bear is absolutely harmless, endangered, and way too adorable: I am so mad that they're under horrible conditions and held captive to be eaten and killed.

3674 Korina Outsanou, Greece
Stop the cruelties and mistreatments towards these noble, beautiful & gorgeous animals right away!!! They deserve at least a fair treatment from us, a chance to live peacefully their lives if not in the woods where they naturally belong then in warm sanctuaries built especially for them by people who really love them and care for them, in a mixture of love and constant care. Let's take action till it's not too late!! We can save these wonderful creatures so let's unite and make this happen!!!

3658 Mr. Simon Platt
After recently watching yet another documentary about the plight of these beautiful Moon bears, and to see the people involved fighting so hard in their battle to save as many as they could, I, for a grown man, I am not ashamed to say that I cried for their frustration and tenacity. I only hope that the people with power in this world can hear the silent scream of the suffering through the voices of the people who trying so hard to make themselves heard. This terrible crime must be stopped NOW!

3655 Mrs. Ibtisam Al Almai, Jordan
I watched the documentary video on Animal Planet and I was moved by the life of these gentle creatures. It is sad to see them suffer the way they do. If we can help we will help. This is inhuman and not acceptable.

3534 Ms. Joan Miyaoka, HongKong
South Korea is a civilized country, it is not civilized to treat animals with cruelty. Bear farming is cruel, unnecessary (Chinese medicine has alternatives to bear bile), and should be immediately stopped. Protect the bears, it is the mother of the Korean Nation and should be treated with the highest respect. The people engaged in this trade would soon put a stop to it if they endured even one hour of what the bears have to suffer their entire life time. Education is the key to stopping it.

3525 Mr. Shawn James Morrissey, South Korea
Although it rarely makes 'big news', South Korea is facing a desperate time in its history: the nation's bio diversity is in tremendous peril. There must be better measures implemented that will help maintain what's left in Korea's ecology. The Asiatic black bears are a symbol of what's happening to Korea's wilderness. They must be given better protection, and education programs must be installed in Korea's education system to raise awareness of the Korean people of this serious issue.

3470 Mr. Wookjae Maeng, South Korea
I am really ashamed of reading such a bad news about Korea. Please give more attention to the wildlife.

3421 Janenne Kornfield, Australia
The international community has actively given support to the closing of bear farms and the ending of exploitation of these animals. We trust Korea will soon end all farming and killing of bears.

3381 Mrs. Anne Romanow
Please ban hunting, eating, killing, and abusing Moon bears. Do not remove from their habitat and the wild unless to rescue an orphaned or injured bear for recovery and healing and re release to wild if possible or sanctuary.

3376 Ms. Claudia Sanchez, USA
Please reconsider this cruel and inhumane practice. Present these humble and endangered animals with honor and respect they deserve as a symbol of national and historic significance. It is time to let go of archaic and outdated traditions. It is time to conserve these precious animals. Please stop this barbaric treatment of bears.

3372 Ms. Birgitta Haas, New Zealand
Release farmed bears and let them be protected and properly cared for.

3364 Ms. Katie Hall, USA
There is no way to justify this cruelty. It is sickening that these bears are being caged, fed food they would not normally eat in their natural environment, and then brutally slaughtered all for profit. Those who do this lack compassion and understanding of the consequences of their actions, and must be dealt with. Bears are living, sentient creatures, they feel pain and suffer badly when mistreated. End this abuse now. It is violent, cruel & inexcusable. Until it stops, I won't visit Korea.

3350 Mr. Kevin Waldrop, USA
Animals were not put on this earth to be violated for human profit and greed. Our family will do all it can to help educate people about the atrocities of bear farming. Shame on the consumer who feeds the demand. Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics- this country does not deserve to benifit from any success.

3309 Ms. Kerry Kirkham, UK
South Korea is meant to be a progressive nation yet you still sanction and even encourage this bile trade whilst supposedly "dark age" countries such as China (who are world renowned for being cruel to animals) have introduced, and carried out, measures to stop this cruelty. Please, please stop this exploitation of one of the world's gentlest and most intelligent animals.

3285 Ms. Amanda Gee, UK
The Korean government should be ashamed themselves its horrifying what these poor creatures are forced to endure through human stupidity.

3276 Mrs. Diane Clark
I have just watched a program on TV about moon bears and have never in my life I've been so appalled. This is the most barbaric thing human being could do to an animal. THIS MUST BE STOPPED NOW, not in 5 or 10 years time.

3266 Ms. Christine Clemett
This cruelty must stop. Such beautiful animals deserve to share this world equally with all creatures. I have just watched a documentary on TV and cried the whole way through.

3264 Mrs. Sarah Warwick, UK
People need to be educated to realize that there are many natural, readily avaiable plant products out there that have far greater beneficial health properties than bear bile. The years of extreme mental and physical suffering endured by the Moon Bears need to be widly publicised so that people will think twice before wanting to purchase bear bile.

3262 Dr. Joao Coelho da Silva, Brazil
Let's make our world a little better for the animals. They suffer, but we cannot hear their scream. Let's help to make this dream come true, and save the bears who are surviving this painful life.
Congratulations to us.
Congulatulations to this project!
God bless us all!!!

3260 Mr. Andreas Holm, Spain
One day, in a new world, our children will scratch their heads, trying to understand what happened to the animals in this world, and how people could let it happen.

3255 Mr. David J Hiri, South Korea
I live in South Korea and had no idea these practices existed. I thought South Korea was better than this. Perhaps I was wrong. Very disappointing indeed.

3252 Mr. Rajith Dissanayake, UK
I am shocked and saddened that bears are treated terribly in Korea. I will certainly not be sympathetic to buy anything from Korea after what I've seen and will now think of these bears and Korea together. Please stop these practices and set the bears free.

3246 Ms. Lisa Craig, Scottland
Cruelty to Animals is wrong.... Period....

3232 Mrs. Susana Fung, USA
Animals have feelings. Please consider if you may not reincarnate again as human, would you like to be caged, abused and later slaughtered? Whatever you do today, will be coming back later TO YOU. Think it twice.

3226 Justina Grorich, USA
We should also put focus and pressure on Russia and China.

3220 Ms. Stephanie Glass, Australia
The fact that the Korean Government allows this inhumane and outdated pratice to carry on is a disgrace. It is their duty to change and make an alternative means of income for the people involved.

3203 Ms. Nancy McCarnen, Canada
Please stop the abuse and torture of the Asiatic Moon bear! The treatment of these precious animals is barbaric!

3201 Mrs. Jennifer Brandon, France
Hello, thank you for your petition. I helped the Asian bears cause a few years ago by sending a letter with the International Fund for Animal Welfare group to the Premier of China. I have travelled to China and hope to help save the dear beautiful bears.

3190 Ms. Danielle Myers, Australia
As the bears can not talk, caring selfless humans need to be their voice. I see trauma and death almost everyday in my job as a crime scene officer and nothing phases me. Seeing the images of the captured and tortured bears brings tears to my eyes. Please save them- They can't save themselves.

3187 Ms. Linda Wiggins
I am outraged that bears are being kept for food comsumption and for their body parts. Please take action to shut down the Yeonkok Garden restaurant and fine stiffer fines against these restaurants.

3186 Mr. Stuart Hartly, UK

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."

- Authur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

3184 Ms. Vicki Stayt, UK
I still have flash backs from a documentry I saw on the dogs in Korea, these people that can batter an animals to death with no sense of it being "wrong" are just sick. The bears and dogs' lives are worth more than those murderers.

3183 Mr. Richard Duecker
Please stop this inhumane practice and conserve the few beautiful animals that are left. Prove to the rest of the world that you are caring human beings worthy of the respect that you have earned in so many areas. My wife and I support your country and buy many of its products. Please prove to us and to the rest of the world that you care about protecting these wonderful natural resources and stop the harm to these beautiful bears. Thank you.

3168 Ms. Melanie Helbling, Australia
Aside from sighing as many petitions to stop this as possible, I have advertised on a website to enlist the help of as many people as possible to stop it.

3140 Mr. Joseph Terry Jr, USA
I think killing of bears is outrageous. I have seen people hunting black bears in The Figueroa mountain in Santa Barbara Co.. near Los Osos.. not good, awful.. I once saw a man hunting with a compound bow... I approached him and confronted him what he was doing.. he ran away.. I hear that poachers kill the bears, cut out the gall bladder and sell them to the asians who use them for aphrodesiacs.... Please stop this atrocious calamity to a wonderful american animal... Joe Terry

3129 Marilyn Bartoli, USA
This inhumane treatment of animals must be stopped now. A culture that promotes such brutality must consider the consequence in the future of this blatant disrespect for animal life.

3113 Ms. Marie Banks, UK
The way a country treats its wildlife is an indication of the level of civillization it has reached. Korea is clearly at a low level in this respect.

3105 Jason Duncan, USA
Bears belong in woods not cages!
Dogs are friends not food!

3104 Ms. Rojyar Yousefi, Canada
I would like to help you bring awareness about moon bears in Canada... please tell me where to start....

3102 Whitney Smith
This is so very sad. Shame on the Korean Government. This treatment of the bears shows very badly on the ethics of this government, and I hope that will commit to stopping the killing of these bears for a product that means nothing to the survival of its people.

3066 Beatrice Balteanu, Romania
The "traditional medical treatment" with bear products is a huge lie., that leads to the killing and living in misery of thousands of bears. Let your people know the viable alternatives for the bear products, and let the bears to live normally. Release the captive bears to sanctuaries where they can live in closest conditions to the natural ones.

3057 Dr. Debra Chandler, USA
Stop the mistreatment of bears now. They are special creatures that deserve to be free from abuse and murder. Shame on you Korea for not understanding how precious these creatures are, sometimes we must give up our culture's traditions in the interest of saving the planet.

3029 Mr. Paul Upton
Stop this cruelty to animals that give unconditional love. Cats, dogs, bears, monkeys etc, kept in filthy conditions and killed in a most horrific way. It is harmful to your country with people knowing you are STILL allowing these things to go on. We beg you to STOP.

3027 Ms. Shirldene Tydings, USA
I hope people will take the time and keep fighting.. I wonder sometimes if people stop and think of what our world would be like with no beauties like these? It saddens me to think that our future generation might only get to see them in pictures :'(

3026 Anonymous
I am very dissapointed that our ally Korea still allows these horrifying practices.

3015 Mrs. Stefania Popescu, Romania
I love animals, they have the same rights as us to live well on the planet Earth. They are here to evolve and to teach us the unconditional love!

3003 Mr. Stuart Nisbet, UK
PLEASE, we beg of you to listen to us and to do what is right. You are breeding total contempt about your country by letting this continue and you will soon start to see it in monetry terms because the world is becoming more and more aware of what is going on.

2987 Ms. Melanie Leighton, UK
PLEASE let us start actually being human(e).

2984 Audrey Migliaccio, USA
The civilized world would never accept the disgusting practice of eating moon bears. These unfortunate animals are kept in appalling conditions and suffer a cruel death. I could never visit this country as I wouldn't eat nor purchase anything they have to sell!!!!

2975 M Parris, USA
We are in a new era and it is time that these old customs are laid to rest. These animals deserve life and to flourish in their environment. We call them animals but if we look at who is farming and clubbing this poor bears over the head the people who consume then are truely the Animals. I hope this is abolished completely.

2967 Mrs. Christine Welsh, Canada
Growing up in Canada, I have come to love & respect the wildness and beauty of bears. We see them within meters of us when we cycle through woodland trails or take drives in the mountains. Bears in alll countries should have the right to live & live well.

2966 Mr. Kwok Yin Leong, Singapore
Not only bear products, dogs should be spared: I expect Korean society to be more civillized.

2944 Marian Hussenbux
Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain is very much in support of this petition.

2942 Mrs. Audrey Spooner, UK
This is an appalling practice which brings Korea into international disrepute.

2939 Ms. Helen Mattheuss, Australia
There are a lot of natural alternatives to use to replace bear bile- please invest your efforts in using these and close down all bear bile farms. It is unforgivable to inflict pain and misery on these beautiful creatures.
I would be of the highest opinion of your progressive country if you lead the way in Asia to stopping bear farming and helping the farmers and industry find an alternative occupation that doesn't involve animals at all. Best wishes for the bears!!!

2932 Ms. Jessica Barber, UK
In England we protect these animals, in Korea you slaughter them which is the most disgusting thing ever.

2919 Mr. Steven Landy, UK
This appalling, despicable act must be stopped. Bears, as with all animals, have emotions and feelings. They feel pain and terror and the people inflicting this upon them, must be brought to justice. It is the most heart wrenching to witness a beautiful, intelligent creature being cruelly treated by man. People must get together to put an end this barbaric act once and for all.

2899 Ms. Melissa Turner, Australia
Wildlife is a valuable commodity!! Protect your investment!!!

2883 Ms. Aileen Parr, UK
We are supposed to be the intelligent human being here on earth for the world's sake. Have some compassion for fellow animals.

2871 Mr. Joseph Roberts
No animals should be treated in such a manner, and no nation that allows animals treated in such a manner will ever receive respect from the greater global community... please take action to prevent such pointless barbarism and Korea will gain much respect for it!!!

2863 Mrs. Regina Marino, USA
We have to stop killing animals and start saving their habitats along with them before they are all gone and life will never be the same for us as it is today.

2846 Ms. Elfmagic Taylor, Australia
A poem- The Law of One, read the poem here

2841 Ms. Pamela Russell, USA
Please protect the bears and all wildlife. Thank you!

2827 Mrs. Jane Petersen , South Korea
Ask the Korean hostages how they felt being held captive by the Taliban and no doubt they will tell you that they didn't like it, and they weren't kept in small cages having their bile drained. Imagine then how the bears must feel and in the deplorable conditions they endure. Korea, you need to WAKE UP and get things right in your own country BEFORE you go proselytizing Christianity in other countries. What's the First Commandment? THOU SHALL NOT KILL! STOP KILLING & TORTURING BEARS!

2810 Mr. Eric Halloran, USA
How can you allow such horrific torture to take place? Shame on your country! This is done out of human greed! Respect OUR bears!

2802 Mr. Korean with a conscience, South Korea
Why? I am so ashamed and embarrassed by my country. Even though 87% people here are against, it still happen. Government must take a stand. Put an end to this shameful act so I can look at foreigners with pride, not shame.

2792 Ms. Carolina Kuek, Australia
History repeating itself... moon bears, animals survival are worthwhile saving than human living hearts. We are all victim of government people legislation worldwide tragically destruction of quality heart lives... how do we solve human hearts problem?

2784 Ms. Gail Ritter, USA
The treatment of the bears is deplorable & you forgot to mention that the Koreans, mistakenly, believe that if an animal is killed in a brutal way that the meat will then, increase the Koreans' sexual virility when eaten & will also have better taste as a result of the animal being tortured.

2777 Ms. Emma Burgess, Australia
Please explain! This is unacceptable practice, I will be spreading this information and urging people to boycott Korea and Korean products until this ludicracy stops. You are being watched by many countries, and need to become accountable. Please respond to this very important issue immediately. Sincerely, Emma.

2773 Ari Moore, USA
Bears are sentient beings. They feel pain and they feel pleasure. Who are we to decide to give this to bears or that bear a life of pain? Sounds like playing God to me.

2768 Mr. Anonymous
Please leave these animals alone- they are integral for the environment, and thus humanity's long term survival. This is violent and shocking and will be stopped- either by yourselves or by the global community. Out of integrity this trade will not continue, so best to put your efforts into something friendly and beneficial.

2765 Ms. Sharon Dunn, Australia
Brings tears 2 my eyes.. it is shameful and cruel and we call ourselves a human race. Shame 2 all who participate in this outrageous act. God have mercy on you all.

2761 Ms. Katrina Foster
My mom loved bears, she died two years ago and I hate seeing animals being killed that's why I don't eat meat. I only eat chicken lol. I can give nothing else but my name and I am from imvu Katie foster1 lol. Well I hope this will stop, I don't like the idea of bears being in small cages being fed pig food. Yuck!

2757 Mrs. Virginia Khan, USA
Stop the barbaric caging and killing of bear cubs and bears. Is there not enough animal suffering around the world already? What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if there appeared a nation of beings more powerful than us that decided to use us for food? people would very soon change their tune- Gandhi once said "The moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way in which it's animals are treated." How sad, that according to this, not a nation on this earth can be judged TRULY MORAL!

2756 Sarah Kim, USA

2754 Ms. Karen Zarinsky, USA
Stop the inhumane brutal treatment of bears! Your economy will suffer because we will boycott Korean products.

2733 Ms. Heather Tan, Singapore
I think it's disgusting how anyone could use culture and tradition to justify cruelty to animals, or any other living being for that matter.

2727 Mrs. R Cochran, USA
How can those people live with themselves? All the cruelty that goes on in this country is unbelievable. It is sadist! I have and will continue to boycott all Korean products until something is done. Bless the animals in Korea. They do not deserve this.

2725 Mrs. World, Australia
I just returned from South Korea and witnessed cruelty first hand. I also know the DECEIT and HYPOCRISY the Koreans perpetuate. I swear I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to see that everyone I know boycott all things Korean made... cars, computers.. EVERYTHING until you STOP bear farming. Koreans ought to be ashamed!

2719 Ms. Hannah Walker, UK
I think it is despicable how these amazing animals are treated. Everything possible should be done to stop it. It NEEDS to be stopped.

2717 Ms. Debbie Dixon, UK
Please stop the cruelty to these poor defenceless bears, we don't want anymore pain and bloodshed of these very beautiful creatures!!!!!!

2716 Ms. Selina Taylor, Australia
Please consider protecting these bears and stopping the cruel ways these bears are treated in Korea.

2709 Mrs. Pamela Codevilla, South Africa
We have been given power over animals by the highest power in the universe. To abuse this and injure, ill-treat or disrespect any animals is to invite the same treatment upon ourselves and our children.

2706 Mrs. Issy Rossetti, UK
Disgusted with Korea's animal welfare. Laws need to be passed to protect these animals as well as the animals for consumption kept in Moran dog/cat market etc.

2704 Eva Shin, Argentina
I am afraid this kind of tradition has lot to do with a superstitious concept of health. It is very common in Asian countries to think that eating wild animals will give them youth and strong health. Education is the best way to avoid future bear hunting. Many people are just ignorant or very into old beliefs. If you grow up listening that bear bile is great for your health it is very predictable that you will become a consumer of this product, in case you can afford it.

2686 Mr Steve Karsen, South Korea
All the listed things need to happen- and there should be definite management plans for this species around DMZ.

2669 Ms. Georgiah Havers, UK
The Korean government should do something to end the pointless torture of bears.

2656 A.Sims, UK
I am quite sure that the government of the countries that do this to animals are quite aware of the pain and suffering it causes. Why then do they allow it? The time to stop it is now! No more suffering in our time please.

2655 Ms. Jeanne Vanderlinden, South Africa
Bears aren't meant for eating or farming. Eat animals that aren't on the verge of extinction and save what's left of our nearly destroyed over heated earth with nearly no animals on it due to people like you.

2641 Ms. Sally Shasmita, Indonesia
Save bears! Please Mr.President, stop all the things that can harm bears and their population. I want to remind you about the effects of unbalanced population in this world including bears. Please stop it right now Sir before it gets too late.

2640 Mrs. Anonymous, USA
Killing is wrong, no wonder a lot of our animals are becoming extinct! Stop killing and we won't have to keep doing things like this.

2639 Ms. Catharine Hock, Netherlands
I didn't know that in your highly developed country, such horrible things are happening. Stop killing dogs and cats and stop torturing bears in farms. I could not believe it at first.. I thought that it happens only in China. Please stop it right away.. there are safer way to increase potency.. take vitamin pills.

2636 Dr. Entropy, USA
Inhumane treatment of these creatures is simply undignified. Embarrassing on a national level.

2633 Ms. Jenny Clerveau, USA
I love bears and will do anything to save them.

2606 Ms. Gail Morrisey, Canada
I am sending this petition to all my friends, to hopefully make a difference!!!!!!!

2605 Ms. Angel Barkley, USA
You should let the bears go, they can do a lot to help save the world......

2600 Mr. Lawrence Bright
We have lost the fresh water dolphins in Asia. We need not lose the Moon bears as well.

2598 Mr. Conrad Smith, USA
Once they're gone, there's no getting them back.

2594 Ms. Dorien Tilman, Netherlands
Please stop this cruelty. It's 2007 and it's so unnecessary to torture these animals. Remember we are all creatures of God and should treat all living creatures with respect. The bear farms are disgusting! I have no other words for it. Bears are animals, and just like you and me, they have feeling also. In this world there are animals and beasts. What category do you want to belong to?

2587 Jane Sorensen, Canada
The provision of this petition are reasonable. Bear farms can find other livelihoods. Education is the key to greater prosperity- not exploitation of animals based on folklore and unsound beliefs.

2577 Mr. Ste Smith, UK
Stop this madness NOW!
Western governments need to put more pressure on these countries to end this barbarity. We're not in the dark ages.

2506 Mr. Ian Hayes, Australia
As an environmental scientist, I believe it is our duty of care to protect unique species from extinction and cruelty. From an economic point of view, there is an opportunity to globally market ecotourism by establishing conservation parks for these bears.

2499 Mr. Tim Edelsten, Korea
Bear farming is hideous, barbaric practice that should be consigned to history. Instead, it's time to cultivate a new respect for wild animals in Korea. The half moon bear is part of Korea's heritage and should be restored to living in the wild in Jirisan, with protected status.

2497 Mr. Jose Gonzales, USA
This is wrong and it should be dealt with as a crime. I don't think we do enough to save these animals from such terrible abuse. I know we can do more for the protection of these magnificent creatures they deserve to live and not to be hunted for the sake of money or any other reason or that matter.

2493 Mr. Piotr Fester, South Korea
Animals are not ours to abuse or exploit. They have their own purpose in life.

2491 Laura Hadwin, South Korea
I currently live and work in South Korea. I was mortified to see that this inhumane and barbaric practice occurs here. Even more ironic is the smug superiority of people here that I meet regarding Korea's supposed humanitarian and environmental policies. Please reconsider allowing this, there must be a synthetic way to manufacture this or alternatives to using it.

2489 Ms. Anonymous, South Korea
I didn't realize that this even happened here. I am shocked and saddened. I plan to share this information with my kindergarten class. We are "Bear" class and they have a special interests in Bears. I want them to know what is happening in their own country.

2486 Anonymous, South Korea
As a resident of South Korea and one who is interested in Korean culture, I was shocked and dismayed to discover that South Korea allows the practice of Keeping bears for food and medicine purposes. As a world leader in so many areas, such as IT, cars, steel, shipping & humanitarian efforts, it is very disappointing to learn that eating and cruel treatment of bears is allowed by your government. PLEASE STOP THE PRACTICE NOW SO YOU MAY RIGHTLY HOLD UP YOUR HEAD IN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY!

2477 Gretchen Smith
It's one thing to kill a dog cruelly and then eat it. It's a WHOLE different thing to harvest an endangered animal.

2471 Mrs. Trudi reijnders, Netherlands
Ban the bear farming in Korea. All bears must go to a sanctuary. Ban the sale of bear products, educate people about respect towards the animals. Offer the farmers financial help to start an animal friendly way to earn their money.

2461 Ms. Alecia Clarke, Jamaica
I believe that this practice is immoral and unethical. If the people of South Korea continue in this way, it may even result in open and acceptable cannibalism. This matter should be addressed very quickly so that these loving and humble animals who depend on us for their safety, can be saved from total destruction.

2460 Ms. Stephanie McGill, Jamaica
I really think this is a brave move and I pray that you will be successful in this. This affects us all worldwide: God be with you in fighting this!

2458 Christina VanWinkle
Please end the inhumane and down right cruel treatment of bears in South Korea. Focus your efforts on educating the people, offering alternative medical sources, and further strengthen your efforts of law enforcement. Improve the image of South Korea, for all Koreans, and for the world. Thank you.

2457 Ms. Patricia Alchin, Australia
Please BAN BEAR BILE FARMING in Korea and offer the Bear farmers compensation. There is absolutely no need for the practice to continue as there are well over 55 alternatives to bear bile.

2454 Ms. Carol Rawlins, UK
The Chinese government is releasing the Moon bears into the sanctuaries run by Animals Asia, and cooperating with the closing down of bear farms, and educating the public. Also regarding other companion animals such as cats & dogs should not be eaten.

2453 Mr. Winarto Zhao, Singapore
Bears are not food or source of medicine. They also want to live freely like human. Why human abuse bears when bears are not abusing human?

2444 Mr. Jossie Streetman, USA
Please end the torture now. Bears need to hibernate, and will go insane otherwise.

2417 Patricia Slevc, USA
We just visited South Korea in March of this year. It is a very beautiful place with wonderful people. Please stop bear farming!

2405 Mr. Troy Hazel, Australia
How would you like me to cage you up and feed you dog food!!!

2398 Ms. Agnese Stala, Latvia
I am so glad that I found this page. When I had finished reading this whole text, I found myself with tears in my eyes. So, I am going to tell about this as many people as I can!

2381 Mrs. Helen Baker, HongKong
Please stop these peoples' cruelty to such beautiful and harmless creatures. Well done GreenKorea for highlighting this appalling trade.

2378 Mrs. Betty Wright, UK
More publicity in the media should be given to this scandal.

2366 Ms. Reiko Takashima, Japan
Please know that the non-human/ animals have feelings and the nerve system. Let's become the human being who can understand the pain of animals.

2365 Mrs. Lucy Scheuringer, USA
South Koreans' barbaric practices of dog & cat meat trade as well as the bear gall bladder harvest are absurd in this century. Wake up and get with it if you want to advance as a civilization! Travel and trade should be out of the question unless these sub-standard nations change their attitude on animal welfare! Enforcement of existing animal right laws and boycott to the maximum if ignored should be a must for every concerned human being!

2362 Ms. Minjin Ko, USA
The bears do not deserve to be treated this way in Korea and treating them like that just absolutely ridiculous, horrendous, gruesome, and people who are doing this to the bears need to stop. Have you ever thought how the bears feel? There are only less than 10 of them left and I believe that this should stop RIGHT now, and people who harm the bears better think again before harming, and killing another one of those helpless creatures. Bears are just like humans. They have feelings.

2361 Ms. Rachael Mitchell, Australia
We can do so much in this world regarding such un important issues, but when it comes to the rights in which we are born with we have no entitlement, it saddens me to see such cruel evil treatment, what gives us the right to take a life and choose to do with it as we please, why do animals have no rights? Why can't the authorities, governments do anything to stop it? They could be doing a lot more to stop this they have the power. People have power, stop buying anything to do with the bear trade.

2333 Ms. Sally Howard, UK
Please heed what we are asking by signing this petition. Many thanks.

2313 Ms. Fedrica Landozzi
We have to do the best to give our support, we have to stop such a terrible torture. This is only one of many scandals like this, and I think that with time we will succeed and give back the dignity to this poor innocents around the world.

2292 Ms. Ji-Hee Lee, Australia
Is this how Korea wants to be portrayed to the rest of the world?

2265 Ms. Tania Coutts, Australia
Treatment of living being in this manner greatly disturbs me. I find it so difficult to imagine how someone could inflict this sort of cruelty. It brings disgrace and dishonor to the nation. I pray that there are plenty of honorable people in Korea who are also pained by this sort of behavior and, who consciously choose to act against and condemn such unbelievably cruel and senseless acts.

2240 Ms. Camille Sorensen, Canada
I think that bears should be free and not kept locked up for any reason. Bears are wonderful animals. I am against any kinds of cruelty to any animals especially bears. They didn't do any thing wrong.

2235 Ms. Silje Kristine Johannessen, Norway
This is horrible, and the Korean government really need to put an end to this! Those poor animals need to be taken good care of, and be able to run free and have a good life. We need to make sure of that the Korean government takes action!

2234 Mr. Gerald Camp, UK
Please in the name of the humanity and all that is good in the world, please stop this practice. There is a better way, a synthetic way. Bears have a heart, a brain, eyes and ears. They have emotion, sadness and pain. Please please stop this and set them FREE. Can you imagine what it would be like to spend just one day of your life like this?

2221 Mrs. Patricia Hall, UK
Vietnam have signed a declaration to phase out bear farming in their country because of worldwide condemnation and the fact that there ARE alternatives to bear bile in traditional medicines. The suffering of these bears is totally unacceptable in any civilised society.

2216 Ms. Joanne Scott, Malaysia
Stop all this unnecessary killings! Only humans can make a difference!

2201 Dr. Nuria Querol, Spain
I am disturbed with the information on the appalling conditions of moon bears in Korea. Please stop abusing animals and let these gentle creature live peacefully in nature where they belong. It really damages the images of your country.

2190 Mr. Kabir Hathi, India
I am filled with grief and agony after looking at the cruelty inflicted on these most wonderful creatures! I was shocked by the illegal trade in dog meat and I opposed it similarly. I hereby join the battle against these cruel and heartless people who by supporting bear slaughter, using bear parts have brought disgrace to the human race!

2188 Melva Hackney, USA
As long as government cater to citizens' ignorant belief that eating the organs of wild animals will cure their ills, this senseless cruelty will continue. When one species becomes extinct, another species will be chosen to take its place, and the practice will continue.

2149 Ms. Ashley Yvonne, Canada
The bear farming industry in Korea is disgusting. The alleged connections between council members and barbarism of this kind is just as atrocious shame on the South Korean government and the bear farming supporters!

2129 Leanna Childers
I see these bears, like all other mistreated animals, and have flashbacks to Holocaust images: they are helpless, confined and crowded, desperate, and their eyes beg for freedom.

2083 Kelly Henderson, UK
Absolutely heartbreaking! I simply can't understand human beings not giving animals love and respect. In this day and age, there are many things we are getting wrong and this is just one of lots. It is very sad.

2058 Heather Mikkelsen
Thank you for what you are doing to make these poor bears' suffering known to the public.

2055 Andrew Cooper, Australia
Bears are intelligent mammals sharing many genetic markers with humans and should be treated humanely.

2054 Ms. Johnna Lamborn, Australia
I wholeheartedly support the end of bear farming in Korea. I have heard that Korea is a really beautiful country, but I am not comfortable visiting and spending my traveler dollars there until this kind of practice stops.

2041 Mr. Herrin Larkan, Australia
It's time to bring decency into the way we treat animals as well as humans. When we can use our heart to make decision and not just short term profit, then we can start calling ourselves humans.

2014 Marcela Donato, Canada
I will not visit Korea until they stop eating and farming bears and dogs. Unacceptable in a civilized world.

1998 Charlene Baroni, USA
It saddens me to see these beautiful animals being treated so cruelly. Korea should be ashamed that this happens. Please free the Asian Moon Bears and outlaw barbaric bear farms.

1992 Sin Hoe Ng
Dear President Roh,

I have read about and seen on KBS regarding bear meat consumption in Korea.

As a animal lover, I am strongly against consumption of animal meat. Animals are part of eco-system and they should be set free to live in the wild.

We humans have intruded into their territories of life and we should respect their rights to exist by stopping this intrusion.

Thank you sir.

1969 Allie McKelvey, USA
Bears are one of my favorite types of animals, and these bears are extraordinarily beautiful! This must stop!

1967 Mrs. Kathy Chadwell, USA
Jesus said in short you reap what you sow. How do you sleep at nights? If somebody cuts you, do you not bleed? These poor creatures bleed the same way. Think about it. Stop this inhumane act now, PLEASE.

1960 Ms. Suzanne Thorpe, UK
South Korea should eradicate all cruelty to bears, dogs and cats if they wish to enter world sporting events including future World Cup games, and have trade with the west. Their present animal cruelty record is a terrible indictment on their society.

1958 Ms. Lena Meigard, Spain
Please let the bears be free. There are many other substitutes for bear bile. There are many other herbs and medicines that are just as or more effective. The bear who is kept in a small cage and that has no possibility to hibernate suffers greatly.They will get insane and start to mutilate themselves. Please save this beautiful creature who is in fact the mother figure in the creation of Korea. Thank you for listening to this message.

1956 Ms. Nancy Foster, USA
I find Korea's treatment of animals disgusting. And now the Moon Bears too! Until this is stopped and there is some sort of humanity shown towards animals in Korea, I will never visit your country again or purchase any goods made in Korea.

1951 Mr. Aspet Abegian, USA
This is barbaric! Stop eating them and killing them. What is wrong with you all!

1939 Natasha Aravena, Italy
Please stop this horrible treatment of these sweet, beloved animals! This is wrong and should not be allowed!!

1937 Ms. Luan Danaan, Australia
All humans are morally and emotionally diminished by our cruelty to nature and her creatures. The moon bears are sacred beautiful animals, deserving of their freedom to fulfill their instincts and needs- to roam, forge, hibernate and reproduce. Their imprisonment and torture for food and bile is abhorrent. Please cease supporting these practices, for the international reputation of your country and the welfare of these vulnerable suffering creatures.

1934 Mrs. Pat Gee, UK
We must help where we can to stop this cruelty.

1933 Mary-Anne Woodfield, New Zealand
Bear farming is so cruel and really should be banned. Bears are not cattle but wild animals that should be left be. It is in no way at all necessary to kill bears or farm them or keep them shoved 20 into 1 small cage. Wake up to the cruelty and stop it now.

1926 Dr. Nandita Shah, India
It's a real shame that this illegal practice against moon bears exists in Korea. Many other countries including China ( despite of it's bleak animal rights record) have better protection for bears. For a moment imagine the cruelty by putting yourself into a cage that is just big enough and in which you cannot move and see how it feels. Just because we can inflict this cruelty on the animals does not mean that we should.

1924 Susan Cho, USA
The continuation of bear farms makes me deeply ashamed of my Korean heritage. We must break from this cruel and stupid practice immediately.

1916 Mr. Victor Manos, USA
Surely a nation with it's venerable ages of civilization and long history of enlightenment should think twice about the "rough" conditions and rather harsh treatment of the famous Moon Bears. Allow these profiteers to exploit and take advantage of weaker animals, dumber animals and beautiful animals is close to a crime... Please show compassionate action to the bears and cease their commercial, cruel treatments.. Thank You sir!

1913 Ms. Sallie Gnau, USA
South Korea Government, the devil of all living creatures! The world is pleading for the Korean Government to stop this money laundering bloody crime on all living creatures.

1911 Ms. Sandra Smith, USA
I think it is beyond comprehension that a country like so Korea, who is supposed to be our ally, treats it's animal so poorly. Please ban all sales of bear products in your country.

1910 Mr. Sam Rahaman
As a Buddhist, I always thought compassion was one of the keys to betterment. How come so many Buddhist countries seem to lack it in their customs? It's time to become better and kinder.

1908 Ms. Tania Golzari, UK
Please will you be kind enough to stop such cruelty that gives a bad name to Korea. The world is now a smaller place and people can see the cruelty and lack of humanity you show to animals. You will be greatly respected and admired for being the person(s) to take action to prevent this despicable trade. We look forward to seeing your great compassion and decency in doing something about this. Many Regards, Dr. Tania Golzari

1905 Ms. Pubudu Hewage, Sri Lanka
Loving animals is loving ourselves. Can't imagine how people doing such cruelties to these poor animals. Please stop animal abuse & let them love people. Let them live in peace.

1904 Mr. Scott Purviance, USA
Cruelty to animals is not tolerated, and Korea will not attract tourists while this kind of thing goes on.

1901 Tommy, JP, Rose & Ken Kitzmiller, USA
Use herbs for medicine, not bears. Killing our already endangered Asiatic Black Bears does not cure. The Korean government needs to ban use of bear bile for sale, should shut down the bear bile farms, and offer credits to the farmers so they can make a profit producing something else.

1876 Mrs. Patrizia Furlan, Switzerland
Freedom for all bears in the world! Let them be free!

1841 Ms. Maryanne Appel, USA
It is appalling to me, and to the international community as well, that Korea continues to imprison bears on "bear farms" to extract their gall bladders. It is unconscionable that any sentient being be treated so horrendously, and I respectfully beg the Korean government to stop this atrocity immediately and release these bears to a sanctuary. ( I have always taught my three children, adapted from Korea, to be proud of their heritage, but bear farming is one area where that heritage is tainted).

1816 Ms. Gina Mullen, USA
The way these bears are murdered is inhumane and no animal should be killed this way. I am also against any type of animal being captured for use of money making. It is wrong and animals are not ours to make money off of.

1809 Ms. Lucy Robinson, UK
End the unnecessary suffering of these bears and close down all bear farms and bear parks and show that you care for animals and respect them. There is no need for bear farms or any animal farms/parks. It is just cruel to the animals and they deserve to live in the habitat they are designed for, not in metal cages, starved of the correct food and nutrients. Please close all bear farms and return the bears to the wild where they are supposed.

1799 Mrs. Margaret Reily, UK
Dear Sir/Madam When my daughter, showed me this site I was horrified to see what your country does to innocent animals. Be known as a kind to animals country not just the leading country in other things. Regards, Margaret

1798 Mr. Christian Boelrijk, UK
Dear Sir/Madam My wife showed me what goes on and I am appalled that a country so advanced in many ways is so backward in the humane treatment of animals. Stop it now. It is not necessary, vital or needed. It is pure greed. Regards, Christian

1740 Ms. Gemma Graham, UK
Please stop SLAUGHTERING bears. It is inhumane and cruel. Causing them unnecessary pain and SUFFERING. What a miserable EXISTENCE!!!!

1734 Ms. Emily Dickson, USA
I thought I had heard of every atrocity imaginable until I heard what people are doing to the Moon Bears of Asia. This brought such pain to my heart, that I, who never cries, wept for the sad plight of these bears. The horror of being trapped for an entirely of a 30 years life span, in a cage just big enough to fit your body, and used for money in such an invasive exploitive, sinister fashion. I would like to believe again the world is a better place. Please free the Moon Bears

1729 Ms. Arpi Kaskanian, UK
Dear President Roh Mu Hyun
As a leading authority in power I urge you with all my heart to please take Government measure and action into helping the cruelty of animals and help conserve their few numbers. People around the world have a affinity with animals and I feel countries who take action into preventing cruelty are looked on highly and can encourage development and global prosperity. Thank you for your time. Regards, Arpi Kaskanian

1718 Ms. Jeanne Austin, USA
You should have respect for living creatures. They have feeling just the same as humans. They should be provided for & given a place to receive proper care! A society does not need bear products in order to survive. I am sure organizations would be happy to monitor and help you set this up for the benefit of the bears.

1693 Darren New, Australia
I feel this would be a great step forward in gathering more respect from the international stage for Korea and demonstrate the invaluableness of caring for our animals worldwide.

1690 Dr. Johnsohn, South Korea
G.Moon is doing a great job passionately bringing the plight of moon bears in Korea to the world. we can all do a better job in trying to be perfect and trying to understand each other. But none of us are perfect- especially including me. However bear farmers across the world should hang their heads in shame.

1688 Mrs. Mary Fuller, Canada
This animal is a gift to your country and should be helped. I know in the Korean Government there is wisdom and that you will see that it is best to save this bears from this unjust harm that it is going through. Please stop this and show the world who leads in helping their animals.

1644 Ms. Vanya Bosiocic, Australia
This is the most cruel and disgusting animal torture and the Korean government should be ashamed of this action. But can any better be expected from such a cruel and harsh government. Disgraceful!!!!!

1639 Ms. Lee Williams, South Korea
Dear Officials, How do you do? Please stop the inhumane cruelty to bears and other animals. We know that bear bile is not good for humans. There are alternative medicines for humans. Stop the insane maltreatment and abuse of animals in Korea and systematically worldwide. If you want to create a generation of geniuses, you must stop the cruelty to animals. When will you see the light that cruelty to animals just won't make our lives better. We can see the depravity of human.

1621 Ms. Phoebe Walker, Australia
The practice of bear farming is outrageous. The fact that such animal cruelty is present and also wide spread and government know about it and have not acted is appalling.

1613 Mr. Piet Verdriet, South Korea
Is Korea a modern industrial and technological powerhouse, as its government would have the world believe? Or is it still a developing country steeped in superstition, struggling to shake off the vestiges of its third- world past? The latter is probably the most correct statement, as Koreans are superstitious to such a degree. When will Korea wake up?

1611 Cornelia Habegger, Switzerland
How long does it take still to make humans realize that they are behaving like monsters??? This is no way to make money- shame on everybody who is involved, but especially the people who buy the products! I boycott all Korean products!

1608 Mrs. Aleid Stoel-Margadant, Netherland
Please stop this cruelties that are completely superfluous. The medicine in question can be produced by various methods, without animal suffering.

1604 Mrs. Vivienne Choudhury, India
Please ban all bear farms in your country. This magnificent animals should be protected and cherished instead of being exploited so cruelly. There are alternatives now to bear bile being used in traditional medicines. If other countries like China and Vietnam can phase out the bear farming, so can Korea. This activity is nothing short of barbaric and should be banned without further delay.

1595 Ms. Tracy Maher, Australia
I respect and admire a government that can proactively protect animals and human in need. Please become this government. Many many people from many many nations will respect you for this as we respect the Vietnamese government for their efforts towards the protection of Moon bears. You have the power to stop the unbelievable cruelty to the moon bears. Please do what you know in honorable and true to your self and your Nation. I thank you in anticipation.

1589 Mrs. Ginger Ravine, USA
Please save Korea's Moon Bears.

1566 Ms. Tara Thorpe, UK
It is a disgrace that the so called intelligent animal, ie a human can inflict such suffering for such pointless reasons... man should be disgusted with ourselves that our society is far from civilized... in fact it is the opposite... it is a sad sad world that we are creating...

1564 Ms. K C Curry, USA
Sent us a beautiful Cree Prophecy which can be viewed in our news column.

1559 Mr. Brian Kassel, Canada
Let's not hurt animals, especially for the sake of greed.

1538 P.Blinch, Canada
I do not buy products from Korea, China and some other countries because of the appalling lack of compassion for animals. We have problems in our country but at least most people recognize and are against cruelty.

1535 Mrs. Cynde Hammond, USA
We are asking that you release all the captive bears, stop farming them, teach your people not to do this anymore and to become responsible, once and for all... please!

1526 Mr. Sean Dawson, South Korea
This treatment of native bears is far more embarrassing to the Korean people than any number of gunman. Respect nature and Korean heritage- make it stop.

1525 Trisha McCoy, USA
I have spent most of my life taking care of animals, one of these being an Asiatic Black Bear(Sam). Sam was an exceptionally endearing bear whose personality completely charmed everyone who knew him. To think that he could have been in one of these cruel and inhumane farm is unimaginable: these bears need to be released from these terrible conditions, and given either rehabilitation, or sent to a sanctuary that will give them the care they deserve. Bear farming should be BANNED FOREVER.

1496 Mrs. Mary Cook, USA
"A universe is, indeed, to be pitied whose dominating inhabitants are so unconscious and so ethically embryonic that they make life a commodity, mercy a disease, and systematic massacre a pastime and a profession".

Professor J. Howard Moore, 1862 ~ 1916
Better world philosophy

1495 Anonymous, Canada
Nature provided us with herbs, fruits and vegetables to help cure us, along with other alternative healings. NEVER were we to inflict cruelty or use animals for healing.

1491 Mrs. Debra Harpole, USA
This is deplorable! Please spare the lives of these beautiful bears. They do not belong in cages waiting for certain death! Free them and let them live in harmony with nature, the way God intended! Thank you for your time and consideration.

1486 Ms. Eleni Michaels, Australia
Outdated cultures and believes which involve the torture of animals need to be abandoned and a more humane, compassionate and civilized society needs to emerge for countries to be accepted by the world. Countries such as Korea who continue to practice horrendous cruelty towards animals will not be accepted by the world community.

1474 Dr Roger Williams, USA
Bears are highly intelligent animals, capable of suffering under mistreatment just as humans are. Let these beautiful animals have a decent life in decent natural surroundings instead of in small concrete and metal cages!

1469 Ms. Xielolixli, USA
I am a native American Indian. The ancient Sprit of the Bear lives within me and I cannot believe that the Korean legends of the Bear is not being honored by protecting them. The Bear provides wisdom and knowledge beyond human conceivability. They are responsible for teaching us how to live- survive, no less, when times are tough. Please protect them and honor them. Act swiftly in their behalf. Be a living example of how to live in harmony with your past.

1467 Ms. Lorraine Smith, USA
This is outrageous, cruel, and appalling. Sadly, another example of human greed, and again, the victim, a defenseless animals.

1458 Ms. Yoon Jung SON and 1456 Mr Hyun Suk SON, South Korea
Please, save our animals.

1447 Audrey Mealiff, Ireland
Please save these bears from the shocking life they lead. It is not even life, it is just cruel sad existence.

1394~1436 Japan, a group of people from Japan signed the petition.
My deepest thanks to you all, G.Moon.

1390 Ms. Pamela Russell
Please do all in your power to protect the bears, and all of Earth's endangered species.

1388 Mr. Daniel Werner, USA
This mistreatment of this animals is deplorable. I agree with the five conditions that the creator of this petition wrote above, and in conjunction with these, I would also expect the perpetrators of these acts be held responsible under law.

1363 Ms. Judith Gaughran, USA
I will not visit Korea or purchase Korean made products as long as these bears are being tortured in this way.

1354 Kim Kilchenstein, USA
This is one of the most inhumane and deplorable acts of cruelty I have seen. These beautiful animals deserve our respect and our kindness. The "medicine" that is made from the immense suffering of these bears can NEVER be medicine. It is POISON that is being manufactured. And by you allowing these acts to continue, this will poison the soul, as well as the body. I ask that you stop the cruel torture of these innocent animals immediately, and free these bears to a proper sanctuary.

1342 Malanie Bordner, USA
Bears were not made to be caged animals!!! Let bears live as they were meant to! FREE!!!

1336 Vicki Read, USA
I have seen most of the inhumane treatment to the animals come from the Asian countries.. This needs to be stopped.. In this day and age, there is no excuse for ignorance such as this.

1327 Ms. Debbie Doll, Ingham Australia
Imagine being in a cage where you can't move, get beaten, fed scraps, yelled at, in constant pain- why are we doing this to these beautiful creatures? There are alternatives on the market now rather than use bile from bears. Let's stop this craziness before we destroy them all.

1320 Jill K, USA
The shameful practice of bear farming in Korea was encouraged by the Korean government in the 1980's and has grown steadily ever since. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment is attempting to restore wild populations by importing bears from Russia to South Korea's Jirisan National Park. The Ministry of Environment needs to shift it's conservation efforts to the farmed bears already suffering within Korea's borders, and take responsibility for the mess they have created.

1285 Ms. Misty Roldan, USA
Uh- I think the bears need their organs WAY more than humans.

1279 Mr. Michael Sheridan, Australia
No nation can consider itself advanced until it has learnt, understood and acted in accordance with the rights and worth of all its denizens.

1266 Ms. Stephanie Porter, USA
Why are bears treated this way? People can be so cruel. Animals have feelings just like us, they deserve respect. They deserve to run around in the wild. They need to be free.

1247 Ms. Rose Gaffney, USA
I can't believe this is being allowed to happen, those poor beautiful creatures. Are we trying to make all this wonderful things in this world extinct? We are the caretakers of this planet, and we as human are doing terrible job.

1235 Mrs. Adele Tyrala
I am begging the Korean government to take a stance and change the laws~ let the bears be free please.

1233 Mrs Kim Watkinson
I am in full support of all this petition stands for. Please let the bears be free from this suffering.

1225 Ms. Karina Sosa, Argentina
Why people care so much about Pandas and not about other bears? They are just the same animals. They don't deserve to live like that. Please make a difference.

1219 Ms. Mona Khoury, Lebanon
Release those bears from their prison and put them in sanctuaries where they will live a decent life. Have some respect for God's creatures.

1217 Ms. Catriona Milne, Australia
There is no need to hurt and maim these animals. They are not needed for vital research or saving lives. Even if that was the case they must still be treated with care & respect.

1213 Mrs. Elly Maynard, New Caledonia
As with the China bears, this is a disgusting and inhumane practice. There is nothing we people cannot accomplish when we set our minds to it, so let us help! SIRIUS GAO NGO is Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

1208 Jessica Borrego
There are so many herbal alternatives to bear bile. Let us progress by eliminating this torture.

1171 Rosalia Casals, Spain
It is incredible that such cruel practices are permitted by the authorities. Please do something at once. This cannot go on, it is shameful for Korea and the human kind. All animals have the right to live in peace and not to be abused. It is unbearable.

1100 Tine Meisingset, Norway
I love animals on this earth and it is so sad for me to hear about bears that being kept in small cages and abused just so that human can use them as medicine and food. I am so glad that I am not a bear or some other animal right now. I hope you will do everything you can to stop this. Just for one minute imagining yourself as a bear and that you are away from your family and being put in a small little cage and you're getting abused everyday of your life. Do you want to be treated that way?..

1062 Lisa Koehl, USA
Please stop the cruelty. Please free these bears. Compassion is the answer not cruelty.

1011 Tim Vasudeva, Korea
Gandhi said "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Korea is capable of becoming a great nation and in many areas in on the right track but its animal protection record is appalling and it risks ongoing international condemnation for its treatment of particularly bears, dogs and cats. Does Korea want to be known in the international community as an economically strong and responsible country or "that country that eats dogs"?

987 L.W., USA
I love this big beautiful bears & they need to be in the wild or if they're going to be held in captivity then it should be a sanctuary that will be large enough for them with proper care & education on how to treat them!

839 Christiane Koeppl, Germany
I cannot believe what you resp. Your country is doing evil to an innocent animal. A presumably high-developed country like Korea should know that there are modern uncruel ways to heal diseases and in a modern country does not need any superstition! Show the world and the bears that you're aware of your responsibility for the animals. Thank you.

758 Ulrike Fleck, Germany
Korea is an absolutely cruel country towards many animal species. Stop torturing animals and become a civilized country!

751 Claudia Hasse, Mexico
We are not going into any advancement in our evolution as a species. And what else could we really strive for, for better future if we don't? How ashamed I feel of our own kind capable of so much cruelty!

732 Peter Clark, USA
Another terrible practice with the thought that it is "medicine". Maybe these people should visit a physician for their problem first.

721 Tori H
I strongly believe in shutting down all bear farms in both Korea and China. What they are doing to these poor bears is just terrible and horrifying. I've been researching this subject into more depth and it is truly terrible crisis that has no place anywhere. I hope this petition will go through all the way and I support this with a full heart. Stop bear farming!

663 Marie Bourinet, Canada
I boycott Korea until the end of this nightmare!

659 Ann Kristin Kolvik, Pakistan
Save the bears! They should get the respect they deserve. They can feel pain just like us. Please give them the life they should live.

631 Madelen Crowther, Norway
Human is just a small piece in our big world. To quote Pocahontas: we are all connected to each other: in a circle, in a hoop that never ends.

601 Arnfinn Sverre Welle, Norway
Please set the bears free. In them, there is no evil like human beings. They are innocent and unable to defend themselves. So please let them live like they were supposed to live when born to live as free creatures..

561 Anna Cutter, USA
Korea is a developing nation with a great potential, why do not act like one and show more compassion towards the animals in your country? The western world takes notice of these things.

531 Thea Daniels, USA
Please stop the farming of bears. Bears are part of natural living thing and should never be treated this way. I'm sure in some life the people responsible for this will pay a price.

503 Sohn KH, Korea
It's awful. Korean government got to do something to stop farming bears and any wild animal farms.

422 Christine Anne Diffin, South Africa
We human consider ourselves higher than animals, but in fact no animals would ever inflict as much pain and suffering on another animals. Animals live by instinct, they kill to survive. They do not maim or slaughter or keep things away from their natural life style for their pleasure like humans.

395 Pamela Fioretti, Australia
Disgraceful, disgusting cruelty- a shocking reflection on Korea's government.

380 Gerard H Sager, USA
Humane treatment should be extended to all animals.

379 Karen Lambert, RN USA
The world has become increasingly militant and vocal about the rights of animals to human treatment. The world is now watching as to how you respond. You have a big responsibility.

366 Gail Clark, USA
The ultimate cruelty is to deprive a wild animal of it's natural instincts. The Korean government is guilty of cruelty to sentient beings if it continues to do nothing to stop this insane practice.

330 Anonymous, Peru
Please do something for this animals, they feel like us and they are suffering. Authorities, do something to protect them.

307 Anders Fredheim, Norway
Ban all sales of bear products in Korea and those operation of tours to bear farms in China and NorthKorea by Korean travel package companies.

277 Silja Hovin, Norway
This really break my heart. To see how cruel humans can be to animals. I will spread the word to all my friends. I hope we can help to stop this madness.

252 Ida Slatto Neerbye, Norway
It hurts me so bad to know that someone does this to innocent animals that haven't done you any harm.This is torture to beautiful creatures!

213/214 Elizabeth & Gerhard Kodys, Austria
To everyone- please sign this petition, this cruelty must be stopped!

184 Loretta Hollings, USA
This is one of the most inhumane, despicable practices that I've ever seen. Please stop this now! These animals are sentient beings and deserve to be treated with compassion as living, feeling beings. Korea can never be considered a civilized nation if bear farming continues to be allowed in your country. Please stop bear farming and make the products of these bears illegal in your country!!

179 Carmen Zerain, Bolivia
How is it possible that authorities in Korea let this happen. There is no respect for animals in this country. The way they treat animals is shameful.

178 Mary Gomez, USA
Please ban all bear farms permanently and allow for a safe sanctuary after release.

175 David Diaz Tardon, Spain
The Korean government should stop this barbaric.

173 Maria Esther, Murillo Velasquez, Peru
We must look for the best way to press Korean government to close these bear farms immediately as well as the sales of bear products, changing it's regulation to welfare these innocent victims from these insensitive, corrupt people.

153 Rita & Hans Gerritsen, Switzerland

121 Ellie Miles
This is total torture for those poor bears. They are serving a prison sentence that they don't deserve. Stop torturing god's creatures.

109 Renee Kirkpatrick, USA
One more example of the cruel treatment of animals both domestic and wild in Korea. Cruelty to animals cannot longer be tolerated in a civilized society. So what can we say now about Korea? Civilized?

104 Denise Bennett, UK
How very cruel- this country has a terrible record for animal torture.

102 Teresa Buss-Carden, Australia
Please stop this barbaric trade. Your country is much more civilized to let this cruel practice to continue.

100 Drs. P.Donker, Netherlands
I think you as government are against animal cruelty. Please show this to the world by helping these bears. Thank you.

76 Janet Keleher, USA
These are living creatures, not machines! Please open your eyes and your hearts and stop treating them like objects. This practice is shameful.

75 Jean Wardhaugh, UK
This practice is abhorrent and I've never met anyone who agrees with it!!

72 Anonymous, USA
I can't imagine many bears waiting to be slaughtered for their gall bladders, feet and meet, crowded into small and filthy cages on daily basis. There are no regulations providing for any specific methods of slaughter, and there is a widespread belief that the bears are killed inhumanely. Please take action to preserve our endangered species for future generations!!

54 Mary Alice Pollard- Cornwall's Voice for Animals, UK
Firstly there has been no need for these animals to be captive and suffer for a product that is totally unnecessary- Secondly there are alternatives. These bears suffer terribly and they should be released from their coffin cages, have these cruel bile extractors removed and they should then sent to a sanctuary where they can live their lives as close to natural situation as possible!

49 Jesica Verna, Argentina
I am 18 years old and I would like to enjoy in the future all the animals I can see now. If we protect them together, the world will be beautiful. Help nature please!!

32 Langzai Spaniellei, HongKong
There is a presidential election in Korea this year and Koreans should think about this issue when they vote. It would be good if there was someone in politics who stood for the environment. At the end of the day we are all part of nature and to ignore this issue now- it has been brought to notice- is to ignore reality. Such sad things is an age when Korea purports to be a modern nation. Where are you Ban Ki Mun?

31 Erin Yard, Korea
As a person living in Korea, I find this appalling. Korea has already come under international scrutiny for its use of dogs in traditional dishes (which I have mixed feeling about), but this is something all together different. I hope the Korean people are made aware of this ongoing practice.

21 Caroline Massie, Australia
Today the bears, tomorrow the people!!!! When will this mistreatment and killing of all things precious end? When will people stop sacrificing others for the sake of a dollar? Each and everyone of us needs to make a stand and do our bit to support the end of the mistreatment of others, even if it's just signing a petition like this. Don't just sit there, do something, add your signature, pass this onto friends that they may also sign: STRIVE TO MAKE DIFFERENCE.

6 John Jinbang
This is disgraceful thing to hear about. I hope you get many people signing this petition- everyone should write to Korea's dog eating president.

5 Ricks Tsui, HongKong
Enough! and let go!

1 Our very first signature by David Dunkleburger from USA

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