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Ura's Dream

The book is published in English but has a Korean translation included.This is designed to assist children who are learning English and children who are learning Korean. Ura's Dream is beautifully illustrated with John's niece, the talented Heejung Sohn, again being the artist.The pictures give the reader a great sense of the beauty of the Korean mountains and the near extinct animals who Ura meets. Some of the illustrations are drawn from ancient Korean legends and reflect traditional paintings, such a tiger smoking a pipe.

Consistent with the first book there is a subtle message for young children about the importance of respecting animals and the environment and also, as was the case with Ura's World, all of the profit from the book will be donated to environmental groups and animal welfare groups. Recipients of donations to date have been GreenKorea(GKU), Korean Mountain Preservation League( KMPL) and Animals Asia(AAF) The Macquarie Foundation matches the donations made by John Walker dollar for dollar which doubles the benefit created by the book itself.'s-dream.html

This is a hard cover book printed on recycled paper.

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Ura's World

"Ura's World" tells a tale about a young, spirited, mischievous little moonbear named Ura and his charismatic gang of forest friends in their mountain environment, far from the city. Among these friends are the wise old eagle "Doc Suri", a spectacle-wearing creature with an interesting history. We read about Doc Suri's first encounter with a human and learn a thing or two about the value of helping others. We meet the bright bird "Gaachi", who later comes to Ura's rescue as young Ura finds trouble as easily as he finds fun. The story ends with another encounter with the human world, and Ura and friends learn a lesson about the manner in which life holds a delicate balance of action and consequence.

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Mr. John Walker came to Korea in year 2000 to establish this business. Macquarie is the largest foreign investment bank in Korea and has made investments into assets with a total value of 18 trillion won. Prior to being an investment banker, Mr. Walker was a very senior Government official in Australia. He wrote this book while on business trips as he was thinking about the beauty of Korea�s nature.

John Walker said, �I have a strong interest in Korean culture and nature. I would love two things to be achieved by those who read the book. Firstly I hope that young Koreans who are studying the English language will find it helpful through identifying with their own animals and mountains. Secondly I hope that all readers will be reminded of the beauty of Korean nature and the importance of protecting its flora and fauna. Also, this little book is dedicated to all those tireless people who give their lives to improving and protecting our natural environment.?

Proceeds from Ura`s World will support numerous Environmental Organizations in Asia and educate children about the beauty of the South Korea`s natural environment.


Sohn, Hee-Jung in charge of the illustrations in the book previously worked in the movie industry. Her interest in children�s books has motivated her to participate as an illustrator for the first time.