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February 2018

Olympic Shame for the New Year 2018

As we enter the year of the dog in 2018 we should reflect on the absurdity of the organisers of the winter Olympics who chosen a moon bear and a snow leopard as the mascots of the games.

It is hard to imagine how they could have chosen a moon bear when most of them in Korea and China are being tortured every day in farms.

It is simply mind boggling to see children clutching the small moon bear toys and not realising what is happening.

Shame on you Korean Olympic Committee and the President Moon, Jae- yin of Korea.

February 2017

Animals at zoo to be released into wild

A zoo at the Korea National Arboretum in Gyeonggi Province will shut down in spring and some animals could be released into the wild.

The Wildlife Conservatory in Pocheon is ending 26 years of operation dedicated to conserving endangered animals native to the Korean Peninsula.

Twenty-five animals are awaiting adoption, but if they are not, they will be released into the wild, an unusual move for a zoo. They include one Asiatic black bear, three wild wolves, three boars, four raccoons, two badgers, two Korean water deer, seven eagles, one eagle-owl and two Korean buzzards.

The Wildlife Conservatory opened in 1991 and focused on rare species indigenous to the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.

A Siberian tiger couple, donated by China, made the place popular for years.

One tiger died several years ago, and the other was taken in January to a new zoo in Bongwha, North Gyeongsang Province, which will open later this year.

Speaking with the Joongang Ilbo, a Korean-language daily based in Seoul, Lee You-mi, the arboretum’s director general, said the tiger’s absence was critical to the decision to close the zoo.

The conservatory sent adoption requests to other zoos in the country and is waiting to hear from them.

"All the animals are up for adoption at the moment," a conservatory official said. “Those which are not wanted will be released into the wild. We'll see." That will happen in April. “We believe doing so completely fits the spirit of conservation," the official said.

The National Park Service has taken over the work of the conservatory, caring for rare animal species.

By Kim Se-jeong

January 2017

Happy New Year

The year of the Rooster is upon us already.

It looks like a challenging year ahead with many changes in the world that could effect its balance.

To all friends and family may the new year be a good one though, where we live and thrive on such changes no matter where they take us.

December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from

We hope you have a peaceful Christmas and new year and thanks to all for your support of the bears in Korea.

Sadly not much has changed and the Korean Government and Parliament continue with their disgraceful and self serving in- fighting while farmed bears brace for yet another freezing winter confined to their cruel cages.

We will keep fighting till the better day arrives for Korean moon bears.

September 2016

Ura's World and Ura's Dream sell in USA

Today the two books in the Ura series went on sale in Yelm just outside of Seattle in the USA.

There was great interest in the stories and people were shocked to hear that moonbears are farmed in Korea.

This was a great opportunity to send a message to the broader international community about the tragic situation in Korea.

From the sales, all proceed goes to help animal NGOs in the world.

Ura's World and Ura's Dream sell in USA Ura's World and Ura's Dream sell in USA

July 2016

Couple seeks to end bear bile trade in Korea, build sanctuaries - Korea Herald

When Gina Moon witnessed Korea's bear bile farming practices, she was left with a troubling question: 「How could we do this to our mother?」

She was reminded of the myth here about Tangun -- the legendary first king of Korea -- that says a bear was the mother of the first Korean.

Upon seeing firsthand the cruelty of the bear bile trade, Moon 58, founded, an organization that aims to put a stop to the bear bile industry in Korea, with her husband John William Walker in January 2007.

「The bile is extracted directly from their gall bladders on a constant basis, which means constant agonizing pain,」 Moon told The Korea Herald. Almost 1,100 Asian black bears are held captive in Korea, suffering in filthy and cramped conditions, often in cages no bigger than phone booths. Moon witnessed the extent of the cruelty after visiting bear farms. 「I have been to a number of bear farms and they are disgusting,」 she said.

「Most of the bears, as they have grown, have actually grown into the bars in the small cages. They cannot turn around or move.」 The bears often moan and rock due to extreme anxiety, and have broken teeth from biting on the bars of their cages.

An Asian black bear in a metal cage at a bear bile farm in Korea.

Their bile is extracted using an invasive metal catheter, which often causes infections and tumors. 「Many of them have cancers from the way in which the metal drains are inserted into them. They are all simply living to die,」 she said.

A passionate animal activist, Moon has witnessed all sorts of animal cruelty. She has rescued stray dogs and cats in Hong Kong and Korea for years, and has rescued unwanted sheep and cattle in Australia. As an active member of Animals Asia, which rescues farmed bears in China and Vietnam, Moon saw the opportunity to launch a similar initiative here.

「Interestingly Korean 『bear bile tourism' helps drive the farming industry in China and Vietnam too,」 Moon said. The bear bile trade between Vietnam and the North Korea-Chinese border area of Yanbian has been booming since early 2000, with its industries selling bear bile products to tourists.

Major Korean travel companies partner with Korean bear farmers who operate in these countries. 「Usually tourists are not informed about the bear farm visit. However, it shows up in their itinerary when they arrive,」 Moon said. 「As a result, the local people are attracted to the good income Korean tourists bring in and (this) makes it hard to stop bear farms.」

World Animal Protection and environmental nongovernmental organization Green Korea United have been working to end the bear bile trade in Asia, but there are no specific anti-bear bile groups in Korea. 「It was essential to launch the organization as none of the NGOs in Korea had this as a sole focus; although Green Korea did have the issue as one of their causes.」

The ursodeoxycholic acid collected from bear bile is used in Asia as traditional medication to treat diabetes, liver, heart and gall bladder conditions. While the acid does have some healing qualities for diseases such as diabetes, Moon said there are many inexpensive herbal and synthetic treatments that work the same way, as well as Western medicine.

「The use of bear bile is simply unnecessary when there are many alternatives that do not involve animal cruelty,」 she said. Bear bile farming is illegal in Korea, but over 60 bear farms continue to operate.

「The authorities do not enforce the law. That is the real problem. It is all about enforcement,」 Moon said. 「It is very sensitive, as for some farmers it is the way they make their living. For others, they would rather get out of it.」

In the early 1980s, the Korean government kick started the bear bile industry here by importing 500 bears from neighboring countries, hoping to encourage urban communities to drive the export business. 「The only solution here is that the government pays them compensation and then shuts them down, otherwise this will go on forever,」 Moon said.

Moon has travelled around Asia since 2007, particularly Hong Kong and Seoul, to raise awareness about the bear bile trade. Most recently, Moon and her husband spoke about the cruelty of bear bile farms at a Seoul International Women's Association meeting in February.

「Bears are strong and patient animals and this incredibly cruel and disgraceful form of farming takes full advantage of those characteristics,」 Moon said. Gina Moon and her husband John William Walker with 「Ura『s World,」 a book written by Walker as part of their campaign to protect bears and end bear bile farming. ( Her husband, John Walker, has published two children's books on bears -- Ura's World and Ura's Dream.

In June, the South Korean government authorized the registration of as an animal welfare charity. Moon and Walker are now laying the foundations to eventually build two bear sanctuaries in Korea. 「These sanctuaries are important as many people focus just on stopping farming or freeing the bears, but the key thing here is showing them the dignity and compassion they deserve and to help them live out their final days in these places,」 Moon said.

Moon said that although the bears would probably only live for 10 years, after their passing she plans to turn the sanctuaries into parks where 「people can reflect on nature and good things and not the evils of the past.」 「There is ample land in Korea owned by the government that can be used for sanctuaries and the running costs would be a fraction of what they spend now 『pretending' to regulate bear farms,」 she added. works with nongovernmental organizations locally and globally, including Bear Necessity, a subsidiary organization run by a former staff member. 「We will persist with lobbying the Korean government and international community,」 Moon said. 「We will not give up. Eventually we will achieve our aims.」

By Tang Li, intern reporter (

May 2016

Opinion on the news/ S Korea bill takes swipe at bear farms:'s main interest is the plight of bears in farms in Korea. We estimate that their remains at least 1,000 bears being milked for their bile. They live in constant agony.

There was for a time 'a private member's bill before the assembly' to ban this practice and compensate the farmers but as it is a small issue on the national agenda it got no attention.

The issue here is that the Korean Government actually created this industry in the 1980's.

Recent good news is that the new Environment Minister has said it should be banned but an international push would help we think.The trouble is that Ministers keep changing and there will be a Presidential election next year.

Our other concern is that we think any new law or regulation should cover how the bears are treated post the farmers giving them up and we would like the Government to establish bear sanctuaries to allow them to live their remaining days in peace. Most of them have cancers and other diseases from their mistreatment.

Also their would need in the law for their to be very strong policing and harsh penalties for illegal farming or bear breeding.

We think this new laws should be criminal justice not agriculture or environmental laws so punishment would fit the crime.

In the meantime there are small number of wild bears at Jiri Mountain and they are being protected and nurtured fairly well.

The big issue is the farmed bears and any help conveying the messages at a Government to Government level would be very helpful.

The bear farmer Kim, Kwangsoo is an ex chairman of bear farmer Union- he runs one of the 3 or 4 big bear farms in South Korea. To him it is all business- therefore people cannot simply trust what he says on the video.

So the excuse that the Government is using that it is powerless as bear farms are on private property-- is not acceptable.

Most animal welfare laws in the world allow action to be taken against 'cruelty' no matter what the ownership of the land is and this change also needs to come to Korean animal protection laws.

Pls note that the practice of bear bile extraction continues everyday and it is clearly stated under the Korean animal law as 'cruelty' to the animals.

February 2016 presents to a group of senior women in Seoul.

Today 24 Feb 2016, we addressed a very senior group of women in Seoul. Over 50 people were in attendance.The group included the wives of the most senior diplomats of many countries. The audience was shocked and moved by the story of Korean farmed bears and were encouraged to write to politicians and others to support our goals of banning bear farming and establishing a sanctuary.

Today's event hosted by SIWA- Seoul International Women's Association- was a great step forward in keeping the pressure on for change.

Video link-

'Saving Bears in Korea'- Intro :

'Saving Bears in Korea'-- DanGun ShinWha/단군신화:

'Saving Bears in Korea' Bear Bile Tourism:

'Saving Bears in Korea'-- Bear Sanctuary!:

'Saving Bears in Korea' -- Bear Sanctuary continued:

'Saving Bears in Korea' End Ban bear bile tourism:

'Saving Bears in Korea'-- A Poem to Honor Bears:

'Saving Bears in Korea'- QNA: presents to a group of senior women in Seoul. presents to a group of senior women in Seoul. presents to a group of senior women in Seoul. presents to a group of senior women in Seoul. presents to a group of senior women in Seoul. presents to a group of senior women in Seoul. presents to a group of senior women in Seoul.

January 2016

A very good start

We are happy to announce that in ​24 ​February 2016 will be making a presentation to event organized by the Seoul International Women's Association(SIWA).

This will be a very good occasion in which to present the plight of moon​ ​bears in Korea to an international audience in Korea.​ So stay tuned for more news in February.

Happy 2016 to you all for another wonderful year!​

A very good start

December 2015

Hoping for more progress next year

Dear all,

Here we are at the end of another year. We would like to thank you for another year of support for Korea's long suffering farmed bears. We have some new activities for the new year which we will keep you updated on.

May you and your families have a peaceful Xmas!

반달곰프로젝트를 성원해 주시는 여러 회원들께, 저희는 다가오는 새해를 맞이하며 더욱 열심히 한국 사육곰의 해방을 위해 활동할것을 약속합니다. 또한 가내 성스럽고 평화로운 2016이 되시길 기원합니다!

G Moon

Hoping for more progress next year

November 2015

"I am a farmed bear" by EBS TV

" I am a farmed bear " by EBS TV:
It is great to see after all of the urging by that finally Korean media is began to focus on the potential for bear sanctuaries in Korea following their visit to Chengdu China which we suggested some years ago that they should do!

It was broadcast in Korean however it delivers the clear message as to why bear farming has to stop!

19g을 위한 사육, 나는 반달가슴곰입니다 by EBS TV:
우리 '반달곰프로젝트'는 한국의 환경부와 언론들이 중국 청도의 반달곰 보호소를 방문,연구하여 그 해안을 국내의 사육곰 문제에 응용해 줄것을 지난 십년간 꾸준히 주장해 왔습니다. 드디어 EBS가 이 문제 해결을 위하여 보호소 방문의 모범을 보이고, 곰 사육 종식에 앞장서 주심에 다시금 감사한 마음을 전합니다. 이제는 환경부의 공무원들도 중국의 AAF 방문과 더불어 한국 곰사육제도의 맹점을 간과, 이를 진심으로 고민하는 모습을 보여주기를 거듭 부탁하는 바 입니다.

우리 '반달곰프로젝트'는, 한국 곰사육 문제의 해결방안을 위하여 언론이나 정부, 타 동물협회들과 협의할수 있도록 그 대화의 문을 열어놓았고, 앞으로도 계속하여 사육곰 제도의 종식에 앞장설 것이며, 한국 정부가 2024년 그 후 살아남은 나머지의 사육곰들을 살육하지 않도록 그 해결 방안을 제시할수 있도록 전력을 다할것입니다.

I am a farm bear by EBS TV

October 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Korean World Animal Day Ambassador Attends A Dinner at Parliament House in Sydney Australia: On 1 October the Korean WAD Ambassador G Moon attended a dinner at which the most senior political leaders were present and were indeed the hosts. G Moon met with Premier Mike Baird and other Ministers as well as the Korean Vice Minister for Strategy and Finance, both the Korean Ambassador to Australia and the Australian Ambassador to Korea.There were also in attendance senior Korean and Australian business leaders from the major corporate.

This was the perfect setting to highlight the plight of Animals in both Korea and Australia and much information was communicated in relation to WAD(World Animal Day) and not a single person left the room without a WAD card.

In further developments G Moon has now been asked to address the SIWA organization Korea at one of their forthcoming presentation events. SIWA (Seoul International Women's Association) is the largest and longest-running international women’s organization in Korea since 1962. World Animal Day provides an opportunity to help people in Korea take a breath and step back a little and to reflect on the importance of both animals and nature to their world. It is having an impact by bringing these issues into the mainstream of families and their everyday lives.

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

Cerebrating World Animal Day 2015

September 2015 needs your support

Seoul city has announced its great opportunity that finally has a chance to become a charitable organization in Korea. Therefore we would like to use it effectively so that it will help us broaden our research and the campaign tremendously . Would you therefore help us by providing your personal information such as real name, date of birth, current address ( Seoul city only) and the contact tel no. to fill the membership application form on behalf of you?

Members must be Seoul City citizen and there is no fee to become a member.

The application registration will end of December this year 2015 and therefore we would like to push hard as soon as possible.

We has been campaigning to save and free 1000 farmed bears in Korea into well established bear sanctuary since early 2007.

Please share this among your friends and families.

Big thank you from team.

G. Moon

email- 비영리 민간단체 등록: ( 반달곰프로젝트)를 창립한지도 어느덧 10년이 되어가고 있습니다.

이 기회를 빌어 서울시가 주최하는 비영리 민간단체, 사단법인으로 발족을 하고저 합니다. 의 설립 취지라 한다면 잔혹한 한국의 사육곰 제도를 폐지하고

현재 존재하는 1000여 마리의 곰을 철창에서 해방시켜

환경부 정부 차원 주도의 곰보호소 설립하에

앞으로 남은 여생을 학대받지 않고 살수 있게끔하고저

시민과 어린 아동을 대상으로 꾸준한 켐페인과 홍보 활동을 벌여온바로

지난 십년 전에 비교해볼때 놀라운 성공을 이루었다고 감히 말씀을 드려도 무방할줄 믿어집니다.

불쌍하게도 사육곰들은 오늘도 철창안에 갇혀있으나

'곰 보호소의 설립'이라는 단어가 생겨나기까지

아주 많은 시간과 불쌍한 곰들의 희생이 있은바,

우리 단체의 비영리 민간단체 등록은 여태까지
추진해온 우리의 성과에 
획기적인 길잡이 역활을 할것이 분명할것으로 믿어 마지 않습니다.

그러한 이유로 우리 염광 동창들의 많은 협조가 있기를 간곡히 부탁드립니다.

회원록 가입에 필요한 .정보로는- 본인의 성명, 주민등록번호, 현 주소지, 그리고 마지막으로 전화 연락처의 넘버가 되겠습니다.

* 회원 가입을 위한 다른 경비나 회원비는 없습니다.

개인 정보를 적은 답신을 보내주시고

보내주신 정보는 이 목적이외의 다른 용도로 쓰지 않을것임을 서약합니다.

부디 많으신 분들의 참여가 있기를 기대합니다-

August 2015

Korea farms the world most endangered species

Bear farmers in Korea do not follow the bear farming index provided by Ministry of Environment.

Most of the bears are sitting in cages covered in their own feces, and they have very little food and water provided.

This is an incredibly cruel practice and needs to be addressed firmly. The Government simply cannot be permitted to keep turning a blind eye to this abhorrent industry.

These bears are born to be killed, and slowly at that, just because they were imported from outside Korea.

Imagine the outrage from Koreans if one of their favorite local animal species were treated this way in another country. Surely the Government would have the weight of opinion behind them if they just said “enough is enough”.

Korea farms the world most endangered specie

배설물 뒤범벅 속 '멸종위기' 반달곰 사육이라니...
국제적으로 멸종위기에 빠져있는 반달가슴곰이 열악한 환경 속에 사육되고 있어 충격을 주고 있다.
국내 1천여마리 사육곰들은 관련법령에서 정한 최소 환경조차 보장받지 못하고 도축일만 기다리고 있는 실정이다.
21일 오전 11시 용인시 처인구의 한 곰 사육농장.
산 중턱에 자리잡은 사육장에 1~2년생 새끼반달가슴곰 7마리와 5년이상 어미곰 2마리가 가로, 세로 1m 규모의 우리에 갇혀 있었다.
심각하게 녹이 슨 창살 사이로 배설물이 빠져나와 있는 등 관리가 전혀 이뤄지지 않았다.
사육장 바닥에는 배설물과 음식물찌꺼기 등이 50cm가량 쌓여있어 악취가 동반되고 있었다.
이들 반달곰의 털과 발톱에는 배설물이 덕지덕지 붙어 위생관리가 젼혀 되고 있지 않았다.
우리 지붕에 덧된 철창이 산바람에 덜컹거리자 괴기한 소리를 내거나 우리를 긁어대는 등 이상행동을 보였다.
같은날 오후 3시. 30여마리의 성인곰이 사육되고 있는 안성시 삼죽면에 있는 농장.
가로, 세로 3m 규모의 협소한 철창안에 성인곰 2~3마리가 함께 생활하고 있었다.
환경부가 최소 사육환경으로 권고하고 있는 물웅덩이는 어디서도 찾아볼 수 없었다.
검은색 털과 가슴의 흰색 반달무늬는 배설물로 변색돼 황색을 띄었다.
차디찬 콘크리트 바닥에는 배설물이 수개월째 쌓여가고 있었다.
사료통에는 사람이 먹고 남긴 음식물 찌꺼기도 확인됐다.
22일 환경부 등에 따르면 우리나라 반달가슴곰 사육장농장은 용인, 안성, 당진, 세종시 등 총 46개로 지난해 기준 1천43마리다.
환경부는 멸종위기종의 사육시설의 규모를 고시해 최소사육환경을 보장하고 있다.
실제 야생동·식물보호법 시행령에 따라 곰과의 사육장은 넓이 21㎡, 높이 2.5m를 확보하고 웅덩이를 설치해야 한다.
또 한 마리가 더해 질 때마다 35%의 공간을 추가로 확보해야 한다.
하지만 어느 사육농가에서도 사육환경이 제대로 갖춰진 시설을 찾아 볼 수 없었다.
농장 관계자는 “지난 1981년 국가차원에서 곰사육을 장려하고나서 돌연 수입, 재수출을 금지시켰다”며 “사업성이 떨어지는 시설에 누가 투자를 하겠느냐”고 반문했다.
이에 대해 환경부 관계자는 “농가수익창출을 위해 곰 사육을 장려했다가 국제협약에 가입하고 재수출, 도축과 관련해 제약이 생겼다”며 “중성화 수술등을 통해 사육곰을 줄여가는 방향으로 정책을 세우고 환경개선에 최선을 다하겠다”고 밝혔다.
한편, 반달가슴곰은 국제적멸종위기종에 해당하지만 우리나라의 경우 10년 이상된 성인곰의 웅담채취용으로만 사육이 가능하다.

July 2015

The most cruel industries

There are 1000 farmed moon bears in Korea in unbelievably cruel conditions..

Housed in old facilities with no veterinary access, these animals are simply farmed just to supply their gall bladder to people who can easily find other more effective remedies for their illness or prevention of illness.

It is time for the Ministry of Environment to make a decision to finally end this cruelty which is a blot on the landscape of modern Korea.

"착취당하는 반달곰:
태어나서부터 죽을 때까지 철창 밖을 벗어날 수 없는 곰들.

열 살 이후엔 몸속 웅담을 빼낸 뒤 도살당하는 운명을 타고났습니다.

하루 한 번, 관리인이 우리에 넣어주는 잔반만 기다릴뿐입니다. 지난해 겨울 태어난 3마리의 새끼곰, 아직은 철망에 매달려 돌아다니고 서로 장난도 치며 움직임이 왕성합니다.

사람이 다가가자 팔을 내밀며 호기심을 보입니다.

하지만, 이 새끼 곰 역시 뱃속 쓸개만을 위해 사육됩니다. 

인터뷰 "(이름은 없나요?) 네 특별하게 이름 같은 건 없어요. (그냥 말 그대로 사육용입니까?) 네..."

바로 옆 우리의 곰은 하루종일 구석에 매달려 있습니다.

시선은 우리 밖 세상에 고정된 채 온통 똥, 오줌으로 질퍽거리는 땅으로는 내려오지 않습니다. 

녹취 "아 쟤가 다리가 잘린 거구나."

발이 잘려나간 곰도 여러 마리.

짙은 갈색으로 뒤덮인 몸 아래 가슴에 흰색 V자 무늬가 선명한 반달가슴곰이지만, 두 앞발이 없습니다.

가만두면 낫는다며 치료나 건강검진도 받지 못하고 있습니다.

전국 사육곰 대부분이 비슷한 환경에 놓여있는 겁니다.

가로, 세로 2미터 이 같은 철창 우리 안에서 사육곰들은 평생을 살아가야 합니다..." 

June 2015

Charity Registration of NGO -

The Korean government has announced that they will register us (ie any NGO with combined nationalities) to become a charitable organization in Korea.

Therefore we would like to use this opportunity effectively so that it will help us broaden our research and the campaign tremendously .

Would you therefore help us by providing us your personal information such as real name, full address and the contact tel no. so that we can fill in the membership application form on behalf of you.

The application registration will end December this year 2015 and therefore we would like to push hard for the registration asap. has been campaigning to save and free 1000 farmed bears in Korea to well established bear sanctuary.

You can kindly message us or simply send your information to

Thank you.

Gina Moon from
John Walker from
Tim Wong from
Yuri Kang from

Charity Registration of NGO

Charity Registration of NGO

Charity Registration of NGO

Charity Registration of NGO

Charity Registration of NGO

May 2015

Seoul to help foreigners set up nonprofit organizations

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) plans to make it easier for foreigners to set up nonprofit organizations.

From April, the city government will provide consulting services every quarter for foreigners who need legal knowledge about forming nonprofit organizations. Also, it plans to provide them with gathering places for their work.

Only two of the city's 1,870 nonprofit organizations are made up of at least 20 percent foreigners, largely because of the complex procedures involved and language issues, the SMG said.

To receive the legal services, at least 30 people must sign documents proving they are interested in forming a nonprofit organization in the public interest. Also, the proportion of foreigners for any prospective group must be at least 50 percent.

Once registered, the nonprofit organizations can receive benefits such as tax reductions and SMG subsidies for their participation in city government projects.

"Through the support, we aim to encourage more activities for public interests. We also want foreigners to feel more a part of the society," Jung Young-joon, a SMG official said. "We will continue to support them so that they can successfully settle down here."

Applications should be submitted by the end of December. For more information, contact SMG's office of women and family affairs (02-2133-5065).
By Jung Min-ho

April 2015

It is just a little DNA but some goes to heaven and some goes to hell

According the local news, the Korea MOE has decided to go ahead with di-sexing of all 1000 farmed bears in the country. It has announced that 10 of them inducing young cubs had died so far with some side effects. MOE assist the bear farmers 4,200 USD per bear if they agree to go along with the plan. MOE is clearly defending its position by saying, it was individual's choice to become a breeder to gain profit from it therefore MOE cannot be responsible for it. The farmers argue that the whole propaganda was initiated by the government and therefore they wont get way from it free.

As a part of sanctuary project, di-sexing has been strongly supported by from earlier on. Therefore we strongly support di-sexing the animals in the country. Though it worries us that the real issue has been completely forgotten and the abuse still continues while the government and the farmers are arguing each other.

Modern Korea needs 'Bear sanctuaries' to save and free all suffered bears from hell farms in Korea. There are many success stories of bear sanctuaries in the world.

It is time to stop the greed but to bring sincerity into the table to finish the messy puzzle which has been an on going issue for the country over last 3 decades.

March 2015

There has been 5 more bear cubs

There has been 5 more bear cubs born in the wild of Jirisan National Park in 2014. Since the very first natural birth in 2009, this is the single largest number ever recorded so far, it brings hope and bright possibilities to the moon bear population restoration work led by the Ministry of Environment of Korea which was established in 2004.

It make the total number of moon bears left in the wild is 34.

Likewise- there is over 100 farmed moon bears sitting inside the cage who never put a step outside the metal concrete ever since they were born.

We must never forget this.

G. Moon
Founder of
In harmony for no harm
Find out about our latest moon bear news at
Sign our 'Save Bears' petition at
World Animal Day Ambassador for Korea-

February 2015

Coexistence of Bears and Humans

There are 300 brown bears are living now in Sirae Toko National Park Hokkaido Japan for hundreds of years as result their encounter with human has became more frequent these days. The government and the community is hand in hand together using such method to encourage visitors to use separate exploitation road for humans, pleasure boat to watch them from distances. In schools the teachers teach children that the coexistence with the bears are possible task and it must be achieved. This eco- tourism has also contributed the local economy a great deal in the near by villages.

It has been 11 years since the moon bear population restoration work has been established in Korea. Now the local government is introducing safety measure to discourage bear- human encounter by putting the electric fence around the local industries such as honey farms and fruit farms near by. Even in the escape shelter, the National Park is introducing a strict waste food control so it will no longer attracts the wild moon bears in this area. says therefore it is time to think seriously about the coexistence of the people and the bears in the wild and how this will bring 'win win' situation for all of us

January 2015

Turning back the clock for bears

In wonderful news the Korean Ministry of the Environment has decided to reintroduce a series of safe passageways for the remaining native moon bear population in Korea.

There are 50 of these corridors whcih will re-open till 2017 in Bak-du-dae-gan ( pls see the below link) between Mt.Jirisan, Mt.Dukyusan and Mt.Seoraksan.

There are now 34 moonbears in the Jirisan population area and in wonderful news that total 7 cubs were born in the wild last year.

G Moon said that this move to reintroduce the original native environment for the bears is a great step forward in further increasing the population and protecting these icons of Korean nature. She also said though that the Ministry needs to introduce similarly inspired policies for the thousands of bears in captivity and give them the benefit of native environments in special reserves as proposed by to the Government over some years. Following the peaceful passing of these freed bears the reserves can become parks, its natural bear sanctuaries so future generations can remember the action of the government.

* Bak-du-dae-gan:
* 백두대간:


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