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Unlike other organizations, is not supported by sophisticated global fund raising activities nor by the merchandising of fluffy toys and t-shirts. We are a coalition of four individuals with a single clear goal; to end the very real suffering of Korea's caged moon bears.

The story so far... awareness.

Where we are We are Paul K from United States, G.Moon, Kim, J K, Yuri, Wannie from Korea and Jack Williams, Tim Wong from Hong Kong.

Our campaign on behalf of the moon bears began in February 2007.

This website and the campaign itself coalesced around G.Moon's original and telling article Bears in Korea. The campaign consists of both on and off line activities.

In August 2007, we produced 400 DVD's and distributed them to groups and organizations around the world including the United Nations, international ambassadors to Korea, the European Union and all the major animal welfare and conservation bodies.

Our on-line activities have centred on the BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears! petition and this website. The petition has consistently ranked in the top 50 most active of all globally focused campaigns on Go Petition and is currently ranked mid way on the list of the 50 most popular petitions.

Our original intent for the website was simply to direct traffic to the petition. We soon discovered that the level of interest in moon bears from the international community by way of comments and the generation of content warranted an expanded web presence.

Today, in addition to links from animal welfare and wildlife organizations, is linked to from numerous on-line forums, websites and blogs that cover a diverse range of subjects from fashion and finance to motorcycles and body building. Links to also appear on many pages of the world's most popular social networking sites including Flikr, FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo and YouTube.

Where to next... sanctuary.

sanctuary We have come to the realization that, in addition to raising awareness of the problems faced by Korea's moon bears, it is time for us to take practical steps in devising and putting in place strategies for the creation of bear sanctuaries in Jirisan National Park.

In February 2008, we launched International Campaign Unchained (ICU) as the first step in this process. ICU introduces a three pronged approach to helping Korea's moon bears.

ICU participants are already researching suitable locations for sanctuaries in Jirisan National Park as well as investigating the role that eco-tourism might have in helping to sustain any future solution.

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We believe what we are doing is, and will continue, to make a difference to the lives of Korea's moon bears.

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If you wish to help us you can securely contribute any amount via PayPal.

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