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Click here to donate to the Animals Asia Foundation Earthquake Relief Fund.

While the primary aim of is to end the suffering of South Korea's caged moon bears we cannot sit idly by as a terrible tragedy unfolds for the people and animals of China's Sichuan province.

Jill Robinson and her team at the magical ChengDu Moon Bear Sanctuary were only 150km from the epicentre of the huge earthquake that struck the region. Despite the very real risks involved Jill, and core members of her team, stayed to care for their charges and were almost immediately on the ground in the community offering assistance to both people and animals. applauds these brave efforts.

At extraordinary times like these, it is important that the global community of animal lovers come together to offer whatever monetary and practical assistance they can.

We urge the friends and supporters of, together with all visitors to our site, to give generously in aid of the ongoing Animals Asia Foundation earthquake relief effort.

You can keep up with how things are going in ChengDu via Jill's blog.

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