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Animals Asia Foundation endorses the work of

Jill Robinson MBE is the founder and CEO of Animals Asia Foundation, which is rescuing moon bears from bile farms in China and Vietnam. Since 1993, when she visited a bile farm in China, she has been campaigning to end the brutal industry throughout Asia. To date, Animals Asia has rescued more than 250 moon bears from farms in China and Vietnam. In Jill's words:

"What makes this terrible industry even more tragic is that it is totally unnecessary. Today, there are many effective and affordable synthetic alternatives to bear bile as well as more than 50 herbal alternatives. These majestic animals, which are highly endangered in the wild, are suffering indescribable torture for no reason.

It is illegal for bear products to be exported from China, but the black-market trade is thriving. Japan, Korea and China have the highest demand for bear bile. Bear parts, bile powder and bile products are also found in Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the US and Canada - the consumers are predominantly of Chinese, Japanese and Korean origin.

We at Animals Asia are concentrating our efforts on China and Vietnam, so I'm thrilled to know that is raising awareness about moon bears that suffer for years on horrific farms in Korea. It's because of such organisations and their genuine desire to stop this unnecessary cruelty that people around the world are now paying attention. Better still, people in China, Korea and Vietnam are standing up against this terrible trade.

Together, we can give these beautiful, forgiving animals back their freedom and dignity. I support work and commend their efforts in trying to put an end to this industry"

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